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New Definition Of Insanity
Training Future Terrorists To Kill Your Own People
It is already known that a good portion of so-called U.S. sponsored moderate rebels have already moved to Al-Qaeda & ISIS - Article Below:
Pentagon dispatches first batch of US forces to train Syrian rebels

ARMS TO AL-QAEDA: U.S. Generals Admit Washington Has Backed Islamic Militants in Syria

Heads Up On This
Rebels who have taken control in Yemen are said to be Shia and backed by Iran. If this be so, then watch for U.S. military intervention in conjunction with Saudi Arabian forces to retake control of Yemen, but also to fan the flames of war between Iran and Saudi Arabia for control of the region. On the Reference Map Of The Middle East we can see that Yemen is located right on the Southern Border of Saudi Arabia, and poses a danger to it's security.
US Terror Operations in Yemen ‘Paralyzed’ by Rebel Takeover

With the Death of the Saudi King, a US Invasion of Yemen is only Weeks Away

Obama's Visit May Have More To Do With Yemen Than Anything Else
Obama, world leaders head to Saudi Arabia to offer condolences 

Saudi Arabia Responsible For Syrian Insurrection Because Of Syrian Alliance With Iran
Saudi Arabia's Tyrant King Misremembered as Man of Peace

Expect Dirty Business As Usual Following Saudi King's Death

​Saudi Arabia expected to keep oil policy unchanged

Iran FM: US Sanctions Vote Would Kill Nuclear Deal 

Israeli Espionage Fronts have Hijacked America ! | Veterans Today

 Netanyahu Side-Steps White House in Bid to Sabatoge Iran Talks

It's Not Nice To Insult The Emperor
US Officials on Netanyahu Visit: There Will Be a Price

What was behind Israel’s strike in Syria that killed an Iranian general?

Tzipi Livni says Israeli prime minister leading country into diplomatic isolation

Ukraine Stiffs China for Billions Owed

Economic Sanctions Are Actually An Act Of War
No Different Than Blockade Of Targeted Nation
The Results Are The Same
Cutting Off Entire Nation From External Commerce And Sources Of Supply

Sanctions lead US, Russia to brink of war

Gold Price Suppressed to Benefit Beijing, Says Top Expert

Visions Of Nazi Germany
Not By Sea But By Air
Many thousands of innocent people went to the bottom in ships sunk by Nazi submarine Wolf Packs.
How Many More Innocent People Will Be Murdered By These Flying Wolf Pack Terror Weapons?
The Dragon Requires A Constant Sacrifice Of Innocent Blood

Pentagon Advocates Drone ‘Wolf Packs: A Step Toward Killer AI?

Sony's early retirement program targets development sector workers

World’s most popular banana faces eradication by deadly fungus


War Between Saudi Arabia & Iran May Now Be In The Cards
With the Death of the Saudi King, a US Invasion of Yemen is only Weeks Away

Saudi King Abdullah dies, new ruler is Salman

Obama is about to Lose Another Arab “Ally” to Radical Islamists in Yemen

Yemen Chaos Throws a Wrench in US Drone War

Israel to face crushing response

'Israel invulnerability image shattered’

‘Obama lying to the world about ISIS’ 

Truth Revealed: McCain’s ‘Moderate Rebels’ in Syria ARE ISIS

Face It, Obama. Without Assad, You’ve Got No Strategy in Syria

Israeli PM’s unscheduled Congress speech causes diplomatic uproar in Washington 

Obama Demanded Netanyahu Stop Pushing Congress on Iran Sanctions 

Muslim women, Israeli settlers and the struggle for Al-Aqsa Mosque 

​Oil price drop is ‘economic warfare against US enemies’ 

 Countries Race To Repatriate Gold, Reveals Concern Over Impending Financial Crisis 

Man Who Predicted Collapse Of Euro Against Swiss Franc Makes Second Terrifying Prediction

ECB announces milestone €1.14trn ‘easy money’ program

This Is The Beginning Of The End For The Euro

Moscow to Beijing in 2 days: China to build $242bn high-speed railway 

No Trial, No Proof, Just Executed
Innocent People Standing Nearby Also Killed Without Mercy
‘We didn’t even really know who we were firing at’ – former US drone operator 


Signs Of Coming Crash
Revelation 18 In The Works
The global financial system and the dollar are doomed. It's just a matter of time. Russia and China know what is about to happen. With ever increasing haste they are buying up massive amounts of physical gold, to pre-position themselves as dominate players in a replacement financial system, incorporating a new gold backed reserve currency, following the demise of the Dollar, and collapse of the current global financial system. At the same time they are applying additional pressure to expedite the demise of the Dollar and current global financial system. They are also covering losses against Dollar related investments as gold will increase in value in direct opposition to the Dollars decreasing value once dethroned as the world's reserve currency.

Russia and China Furiously Buying Up Gold
 As "a Global Currency Crisis – Albeit Unstated – is Underway"

Russia Buys Most Gold In Six Months, Continues Selling U.S. Treasuries

Russia and China ‘Furiously’ Buying Up Gold

China’s Undisclosed Gold Reserves: A Dagger Pointed At The Heart Of The Dollar

U.S. Retail Sector Begins Massive Collapse

Do Falling Gas Prices and Rising Tensions Signal Looming Disaster? 

Signs That The Economy Is Really Starting To Bleed Oil Patch Jobs

The E.U. Also In Trouble And Sinking Fast
Even Central Bankers Now Admit QE Doesn't Work

Q.E. Doesn't Work
ECB to decide on bond-buying plan for reviving euro zone economy

In Desperation They Do it Anyway
ECB launches last-ditch program to revive euro economy 

There Was A Time
When The U.S. Would Send A Peace Delegation & Diplomats
Pentagon Confirms US Troops Will Deploy to Ukraine in Spring 

Now - All Solutions End In War
US Slams Russian Call for Ukraine Ceasefire 

US plays ‘instigator’s role’ in Ukraine crisis – Russian UN envoy

Wars Are Now Initiated By Unproven Accusation
As Ukraine Ramps Up War, They Renew Claims of ‘Russian Invasion’ 

No military equipment crossed at observed Russia-Ukraine border checkpoints - OSCE

Russia says no proof it sent troops, arms to east Ukraine

West seeks to isolate, overthrow Putin while demanding he resolves Ukraine crisis – presidential spox

Ukrainian offensive in Donbass makes sanctions against Russia ‘immoral’ – Duma chief

Motive For WWIII? 
It's More Like Suicide
Of What Good Is World Poisoned By Nuclear Death?
US wants to dominate the world, says Russia′s Lavrov 

If I Can't Rule The World I Will Destroy It
​‘US unilateral actions to protect its interests let other govts use same excuse’

Mossad Splits With Netanyahu, Warns Against Iran Sanctions

Sens. Paul, Boxer Push ‘Moderate’ Iran Sanctions Bill 

Humanity In Increasing Danger Of Global Thermonuclear War
‘Doomsday Clock’ Set to Move One Minute Closer to Midnight

Sophisticated Russian S-400 missiles for Iran under new military pact, S-300s for Egypt, Syria, Hizballah

Mexican volcano spews ash 29,000 ft in the air (VIDEO)


War With Iran Is War With Russia
Russia and Iran sign defense deal, may resolve S300 missile delivery issue

Russia may send S-300 missile system to Iran - media

Iran says is ready for straight talks with Saudi Arabia

Iran Oil Minister Says Country Is Strong Enough To Deal With Oil At $25 As Prices Plunge

Things Have Become So Convoluted
Good Guys Are Bad And Bad Guys Are Good
Who Can Tell What's Really Going On?
‘Israel behind acts of terror in Mideast’

Report: Turkey’s Prime Minister Caught Arming al-Qaeda, ISIS

Generals conclude Obama backed al-Qaida

ARMS TO AL-QAEDA: U.S. Generals Admit Washington Has Backed Islamic Militants in Syria

​Two ways of terrorism: theirs v ours - Chomsky lambasts US for drone attacks and media deaths 

AP Keeps the Irresponsible Iran Hysteria Going

Ukraine Announces Mass Conscription for ‘Continental War’ With Russia 

Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Obama’s Gallup approval rating is lowest yet in year six

Can't Push Russia
Lavrov on Obama speech: Efforts to isolate Russia will fail

‘What a dreamer!’ Rogozin ridicules Obama claim of Russian economy in ruins

Putin not flinching on Ukraine despite economic crisis 

US-Russia War Underway Can Have No Winners, Only Losers 

What Goes Around Comes Around
West Texas oil producers reduce capital budgets, rig count 

Infrastructure Sacrificed In The Interest Of Perpetual War
One killed during bridge collapse demolition in Cincinnati

Running On Empty
Air Force Turns to Supersonic Mercenaries

Alcohol Removes Greasy Deposits?
A drink a day helps reduce chance of heart failure - study 

A New Heaven And A New Earth
Major Earth Changes Are Coming
These are signs of even greater things to come. Revelation 21, reveals a new heaven and a new earth. There is but one explanation for such changes. A geophysical pole shift of the planet Earth. In such an event the entire surface of the planet would occupy a different position relative to true North, which is the center of the Earth's axis of rotation. This shift would change the previous position of the planets and stars relative to an observer standing anywhere on the planet = new heaven. At the same time the entire surface of the planet would be changed both geophysicaly and climatically = new earth.
Iceland’s lava field now extends 33 square miles:
 Why are Earth’s volcanoes suddenly oozing so much lava?


Intentional Incitement To War
Two recent incidents in the news suggest that there is an intentional move by Israel, in the Middle East, and Kiev, in the Ukraine, to instigate war. Both with apparent backing from the United States. First, Israel kills a Hezbollah/Iranian General in Syrian Territory, with apparent purposeful intent, after the Hezbollah Chief makes provocative statements indicating that Hezbollah is ready for war if Israel continues air strikes inside Syria. So what does Israel do? They kill a Hezbollah commander with an air strike inside Syria. Sort of like flipping Hezbollah the finger. Second, Kiev launches a major offensive, and shells civilian targets in the Ukraine, in defiance of Russian calls for peace negotiations, and immediately afterward the U.S. sends a U.S. Army delegation into Kiev, in direct defiance of Russian peace proposals. Again, it's like Kiev and the U.S. signaling the finger to Russia. Both these incidents have a potential to start a major war. The Middle East is a powder keg already on fire, and if Hezbollah retaliates on Israel with a threatened missile barrage, the entire Middle East could explode into war, and escalate into a regional and global nuclear conflict. For example, if Israel were to retaliate on Iran for a Hezbollah missile attack using Iranian supplied missiles, or if Israel were to invade Syria, an Iranian ally, Iran would likewise retaliate on Israel. This could escalate into a nuclear confrontation between the U.S. and Russia because missile launches from Israel and Iran could be interpreted as an attack on Russia, or U.S. allies, and result in retaliatory action by either. In similar regard, the continuing U.S. sponsored provocation right on the Russian border, in the Ukraine, could escalate into a nuclear conflict between the U.S. and Russia, if a loose cannon were to make a unilateral and provocative military move that is interpreted by Russian defense forces as an attack on Russia. These events signal an apparent intentional movement towards total war on a national, regional, and even global scale. With all sides now committed to war and committing acts of war it is a matter of time before we witness an actual war. 
If these days are not shortened no flesh will remain alive.

Kiev’s new offensive in Donbass may lead to irreversible consequences – Moscow

US Army Command delegation to arrive in Kiev this week 

US Is Incapable of Backing down over Ukraine 

Israel Shores Up Northern Defenses, Awaiting Hezbollah’s Retaliation

U.N. saw drones over Syria before Israel strike in breach of truce 

Hezbollah will find it hard to show restraint after Golan attack, top Israeli ex-general says

Report: Iron Dome deployed to northern Israel after alleged Syria strike

Israel shuts civil airspace over Golan following Syria air strike

Israel deploys missiles near Lebanon, Syria

What is Hezbollah's game in Syria?

‘Israel targeting opponents of ISIL’ 

Saudi border guards get shoot on sight orders 

U.S. senator threatens aid cut to Palestinians over ICC move 

Russia-US nuclear material security cooperation discontinued

Exclusive: Syria begins destruction of chemical weapons facilities - sources  

Pakistan Slams Latest US Drone Strike  

Americans concerned about jobs and finances — not terrorism, poll shows

Risky Blowback from Russian Sanctions 

​Lowest Chinese economic growth in 24 years  

China stocks plunge amid regulator crackdown on margins

IMF slashes global growth forecast to 3.5% 

When In Trouble Create More Fiat Currency
Europe's €500bn plan to save itself from economic ruin

Economic Warfare Expands To Rating Agencies
Moody's Downgrades Three Major Russian Financial Institutions

Russian Central Bank voids Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch ratings 

Russian Central Bank Bans Western Ratings Agencies 

Russian Armed Forces to Adopt Hypersonic Missiles on Mass Scale

14 killed, thousands displaced by tropical storm, landslides in Madagascar

More winter weather ahead after deadly storm 

​‘Strong correlation’ between quakes and fracking in Kansas – official

New police radars can see  inside homes


Charlie Hebdo: Report from Europe

FULL THROTTLE: Anti-Terror Raids ‘Rolled Out’ After Paris Attacks Expose Western Fraud

Poroshenko rejected Putin’s artillery withdrawal plan, began assault - Kremlin

Support for Russian ruble ‘working’ – IMF 

Three Steps To War?

Hezbollah reserves right to retaliate against Israeli attacks on Syria

Nasrallah: Hezbollah ready for war beyond Galilee 

Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli raid

Israeli strikes kill Hezbollah fighters in Syria, official says 

Iranian general, son of ex-Hezbollah leader, killed in Israeli airstrike in Syria 

Israel braces for early payback for deaths of Hizballah officers, Iranian general on Golan

Israeli foreign minister says Palestinian President must be removed following war crime probe

​Israel lobbies against ICC as Gaza war crimes inquiry opens 

​Alaska’s budget sinks as oil continues dramatic fall 

​Record Iraqi oil output is more downward pressure on prices 

Iran Calls on Saudis Yet Again to Cut Oil Production, Stop Slump in Prices 

Holder limits seized-asset sharing process that split billions with local, state police

The War on Drugs and Prison Industrial Complex Explained in Pictures: 7 Infographics You Need to See


Terrorists Want Publicity
News Media & Politicians Gives Them All They Want
Incessant Reactionary Output Focusing On Terrorist Events Feeds Ever More Psychopathic Acts Of Violence
In This We Can See A Cycle Of Escalating Violence Intentionally Enhanced By The Elite For Control Of The Masses

Psychopaths, Basketball Players & Politicians

Charlie Hebdo Update -- Paul Craig Roberts

Ron Paul Institute: Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Like 9/11, Was a False Flag Operation

Military might ineffective against terrorism

PressTV-Ron Paul: Sanctions on Iran ‘act of war’

Mutiny in the Ranks: EU Split on Maintaining Russian Sanctions

Donetsk shelled as Kiev orders massive fire on militia-held E. Ukraine 

What game is the House of Saud playing?

​Canada’s foreign minister attacked by crowd of egg-throwers in West Bank

Signs In The Sun
A SpaceWeather

A CME expected to sideswipe Earth's magnetic field on Jan. 16th missed. There might be auroras this weekend anyway. NOAA forecasters estimate a 50% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Jan. 17-18 in response to an incoming solar wind stream.

Solar Storms = Extreme Weather
Auroras are an indication of electromagnetic activity in the Earth's upper atmosphere as a result of solar storm activity and the expulsion of electrically charged particles emitted by the Sun. Electromagnetic activity in the upper atmosphere alters the course of jet stream wind currents that circle the planet and thereby alter Earth's weather

Arctic blast sweeping Britain could kill one person every seven minutes

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. And the angel said unto me, Wherefore did you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carried her, which has the seven heads and ten horns. The beast that you saw was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. 

Here Is The Mind Which Has Wisdom
The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he comes, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes into perdition. And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful. And he said unto me, The waters which you saw, where the whore sits, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. And the ten horns which you saw upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. For God has put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth. Revelation 17: 5-18

The Ten Kingdoms
These ten kingdoms were formed by the British Empire following WWI
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad, Mosul
Later, Basrah, Baghdad, and Mosul were combined to form the nation of Iraq, leaving eight.
"And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings." ( Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq) - Daniel 7: 24
What Eight Nations Are Now Almost Daily In News Headlines?
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Iraq

The Beast Empire
"And there are seven kings: five are fallen" (1) Babylon (2) Media Persia (3) Assyria (4) Egypt (5) Greece, "And one is" (6) Rome, "And the other is not yet come" (7) British Empire, "And when he comes, he must continue a short space." All of the above empires ruled the same area of Babylon = Iraq. Just as Biblically foretold, the British Empire ruled Iraq for only a short space following WWI. "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth." (8) United States, "And is of the seven." The U.S. is of the seven because it also ruled Iraq = Babylon, via military conquest, and also because the U.S. is an image of the 5th empire (Greece), and the democratic republic. "And goes into perdition." Which means the United States will go into destruction. "And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, (listed further above). "Which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast." In other words, the Beast Empire will exist at the same time as the Ten Kingdoms. "These have one mind." They are all Muslim. "And shall give their power and strength unto the beast." The strength of the United States is based upon the Petrol Dollar, in mutual agreement that Middle East oil can only be transacted in U.S. Dollars.

And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, 
Which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, 
but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. Daniel 2-44.
The arrival of the Kingdom of God is now at the door

“Leadership passes into empire. Empire begets insolence. Insolence brings ruin.”
Ruin Is Our Future

Ruinous Ideology Of Economic Isolationism Will Destroy The Empire
Obama, Cameron Agree on Continuing Russia Sanctions 

Bank Of America Misses Revenue By $2 Billion As Trading Revenue Collapses; Fires Thousands

Is the dow jones industrial average on the verge of collapse?

Peter Schiff: Swiss Surrender Wins Currency War

If I am China, Russia, North Korea, etc. I would Invade the Wussified U.S.A. Tomorrow

Top Russian senator calls on West to stop ‘demonization race’

Billion-dollar deal: Russia to sell space rocket engines to US company

Feeding Snakes
In Face Of Global Terrorist Murder And Mayhem
Should The U.S. Government Continue Supporting And Training More Anti-Government Insurgency?
​US troops training Syrian ‘moderates’ could top 1,000 – Pentagon 

And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died - Revelation 8: 9
Mass extinction for Earth’s oceans probable, comprehensive study says 

At Least Two More Planets May Exist Beyond Pluto

Will Citizens Who Have Already Been Robbed Be Reimbursed?
U.S. attorney general bans asset seizure by local police


New Sanctions Must be Imposed on Russia’s Energy, Finance Sectors

Russia Cuts Off European Gas Supplies, Starts Selling Dollars 

Sudden EU Energy Crisis After Russia Reduces Gas Shipments 

​New credit rating agencies to balance Big Three China says

Russia's oil and gas economy exhausted - Medvedev 

Putin's Grand Strategy for Russia Energy Domination

Russian Defense Minister Says Ready to Sue France Over Mistral Delivery

The Eurozone Is Running Out Of Options

Oil giant Schlumberger cuts 9,000 jobs

Man Who Predicted Collapse Of Euro Against Swiss Franc Gives More Shocking Predictions For 2015

UN calls on Israel to ‘immediately’ resume tax revenue transfer to Palestinians

​Iran to launch official marriage website to combat ‘immoral’ dating, premarital sex 

Conflicting Directions
Pentagon to deploy 400-plus troops to train and equip Syrian opposition 

Kerry Supports Syrian Peace Talks in Russia 

Netanyahu massacred Gaza like Paris terrorists – Turkish PM 

Stage Set For Final War In Israel
Hezbollah reserves right to retaliate against Israeli attacks on Syria

Nasrallah: Hezbollah ready for war beyond Galilee 

70 Bedouin ordered to leave homes near West Bank settlement

‘Drone pilot crisis’: Pentagon promises pay rise to ‘stressed’ operators

US Drone Strikes Kill 13 in Pakistan Tribal Areas 


Russia Just Pulled Itself Out Of The Petrodollar 

Russia Aims to Transform BRICS into Full-Fledged Economic and Political Alliance

Russia to Shift Ukraine Gas Transit to Turkey as EU Cries Foul

Russia Looks to End Imports from NATO Members 

Gazprom warns Europe gas supplies via Ukraine still ′at risk′

​Fasting in space? American food products for ISS stuck at customs due to Russian embargo

Russia to Give France Until February to Deliver Carrier: Defense Official

Russia Could Make Windfall Selling Currency Reserves as Ruble Undervalued 

The Coming EU-Russia Crisis in the Caucasus 

Today's Top Western Fantasy: Russian "Xenophobia" Will Destabilize Central Asia

What Happens Next In Russia - A 6-Step Recipe For Western Disaster

Ukraine President Poroshenko Met With George Soros 

Vladimir Putin Is the Last Grown up Statesman Around 

US has ‘fundamental economic problems’

Turkish president accuses the West of being behind Charlie Hebdo attacks

Turkish President's Stunning Outburst: The French Are Behind The Charlie Hebdo Massacre; Mossad Blamed 

"Terrorist attacks" in France designed to perpetuate "Global War on Terror"

Iraqi govt feels US, allies not doing enough to fight ISIS 

U.S. Bombing in Syria Kills Dozens Imprisoned by ISIS for Violating Sharia Law 

Revealed: Saudi Arabia's Great Wall to keep out Isil

Oil Kings - The House Of Saud's Uncertain Future

Senate bill seeks to force embassy move to Jerusalem

Political tsunami awaits Israel in 2015

Unexplained mystery booms rattle nerves in Oklahoma

US Navy Set to Unveil Electromagnetic Weapon Technology 


How Can There Ever Be Peace
When Government Promotes Nothing But War?
Senate Prepares for New Iran Sanctions to Kill Nuclear Talks 

Lieberman: Turn Outrage Over Charlie Hebdo Into World War Against Islam

Hill Leaders More Hopeful on War Authorization After White House Meet

Major terror attack against US possible

Japan approves largest military budget since WWII

All Is Fabricated
For Purposes Of Hatred And Perpetual War
Believe Nothing & Question Everything
VOILA: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist

The Charlie Hebdo False Flag in Paris: Theory, Evidence and Motive

French President Says On National TV: ‘Illuminati’ Responsible For Terrorist Attacks In Paris

Israel shuts Muslim groups over Jerusalem shrine tensions

Cause of Dangerous West-Russia Standoff Goes Far Deeper than Ukraine

Russia to boost military capabilities in Crimea, Kaliningrad, Arctic 

Russia could revise key nuclear arms treaty over growing US antagonism

Russia Credit Rating Downgrade Is Blatantly Political. Here's Why

China and Russia to launch new credit rating agency in 2015

Crash Of Oil Price Could Trigger Revelation 18 Event
The Crashing Price Of Oil Is Going To Rip The Global Economy To Shreds

Saudi prince: $100-a-barrel oil never again

Russian finance minister warns on spending as crisis deepens

Oil fall could lead to capex collapse

Iran's Rouhani says countries behind oil price drop will suffer

The Oil Bubble Is Bursting. It's Economics And the Saudis

The Confessions Begin: Goldman, BofA Warn Crude Crash Will Have Negative Impact On GDP, Earnings

Fasten Your Seat Belts, This Could Be A Bumpy Ride

Why A U.S. Dollar Collapse Is Coming

When One Goes Down More Will Soon Follow
The Global Economic/Financial System Is A Unified Whole
Each Nation's Financial Interests Are Deeply Rooted And Intertwined With All Other Nations
When One Nation Defaults Other Nations Will Soon Follow

Russia, Ukraine, And Greece – Default Probabilities

True Measure Of Domestic Economy
The Collapse Of JC Penney Continues, 40 Stores To Close In 2015 

RETAIL EARTHQUAKE: All these big-name stores closing

All You Need Is Love - Is No More
The Agenda to Promote the Dark Side - The Music Industry Exposed 

Jeepers! New Look at Creeping San Andreas Fault

Signs In The Sun
A SpaceWeather

NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Jan. 15th when a CME is expected to sideswipe Earth's magnetic field. The storm cloud was propelled in our direction by a solar filament eruption two days ago. Residents of the Arctic, be alert for auroras. 

Solar Storms = Extreme Weather
Big Solar Flare, Jet Stream Shifting

11 die of freezing temperatures in Syria

Gazans freeze amid rubble as post-war reconstruction stalls, int’l aid runs out 

Here Is The Major Cause Of Terrorists Vendetta Against The West
Execution Of Citizens In Foreign Lands Without Trial
US drone attack kills 8 in Afghanistan

Terror Weapons
The nazis launched unmanned bomber aircraft called (Buzz Bombs) against civilian areas of England during WWII. These weapons were primarily used as terror weapons intended to cause chaos and fear so as to weaken public resolve to win the war. In a surprising twist, it was later discovered that drone attacks actually had the opposite outcome, insomuch as they caused anger instead of fear, and were a major contribution to public unity, and helped strengthen the British resolve to later win the war. This goes to prove that such related weapons now called (killer drones), used against targeted nations, by the United States and it's allies, are a major contributing factor to the increasing atmosphere of violence, and acts of retaliatory and vindictive terrorism now happening in the world today. To stop the cycle of violence we must first stop the wars and the use of terror weapons against civilians in targeted nations abroad. It would take time, but peace would propagate an atmosphere of it's own, and the hatred and violence would eventually begin to die down having no fuel to keep the fires burning. What goes around comes around. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. War only begets more war. The use of terror weapons only causes more terror. The cycle of violence must be broken. This obsession with perpetual war as a solution to human problems must come to an end. Governments must begin the movement toward peace by propagating an atmosphere of peace and immediately end the wars, and stop the killer drone program. Senators and people in government should stop the terrorist rhetoric and reactionary incendiary output.

Those Who Feed Snakes Are Often Themselves Bitten
U.S. Funding & Training Of Rebel Terrorist Groups
To Bring Down Governments And Nations Such As Syria
Increases Islamic Radical Threat To The Rest Of The World
Threatens The safety Of All Americans Traveling Abroad

Destructive Western Middle East Policy Provides Fertile Ground for Islamic Radicals

Americans targeted by CIA trainees

CIA carried out Paris attack?

Living In A Police State
Ron Paul: "Reality Is Now Setting In For America... It Was All Based On Lies & Ignorance"

The Prison State Of America: More Jails Than Colleges

Be Careful Of What Weapons You Use Against Other Nations
Because Those Same Weapons Will Be Used Against You
US launched cyber attack on Iran

2015 Will Be All About Iran, China and Russia

50 Civilians Believed Killed in US Airstrike in Syria 

Did Humans Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years

Live forever: Scientists say they’ll extend life ‘well beyond 120’


Everything Is Everything
The global economic and financial system has become so intertwined, that the collapse of any single government, or nation, may bring down the entire house of cards. In this context, it can be concluded that such organized attempts to destabilize governments, regime change, economic sanctions, commodity price wars, or the collapse of any single currency, or nation, will cause interrelated economic stresses, and financial blowback, that ripple outward, and destabilize the entire global financial system, and inevitably come back to haunt the perpetrators of theses attempts. Outmoded concepts of individualized national economic and financial blocks that are able to inflict damage to neighboring nations and blocks are based upon outdated financial and economic concepts, circum WWII, that no longer apply to current realities. The new reality is more conducive to diversification on an expanding base that go against centralization of power, and control, and thereby make obsolete such empirical concepts as one world government, global military/police state, and dictatorial attempts to rule the world.

Thus, it can be concluded that nations and governments which attempt to subjugate other nations, and destabilize global systems, via economic warfare, or actual warfare, are destroying their own power base, and destroying themselves. In the modern world no nation is an island and cannot long exist by such self-destructive power objectives. Concepts such as Communism, whereby the state controls the source of supply, and one world governments, whereby the entire world is ruled under a single empirical entity, are as archaic as the dinosaurs, and can only lead to increased global strife and death on a massive scale. So, for example, when we see the collapse of a great financial and economic power such as Russia, it has dire implications for the continued stability of the entire global financial system as a whole, insomuch as it interrelates with all other national interests and economies. Governments and nations that engage in such destabilization are playing with fire, and risking their own demise in an attempt to rule the world. Evil has a way of destroying itself.

​Fitch downgrades Russia’s credit rating to 1 notch over junk level 

Gorbachev issues new warning of nuclear war over Ukraine

The Road To War With Russia

Greed And Obsession With Power Straining Global Financial System
Saudi War On Shale Goes Nuclear - "No Chance OPEC Will Cut Output" Even With Brent Under $50

The Chart That Terrifies The Fed

On This Day In History, The Baltic Dry Index Has Never Been Lower 

Hezbollah leader on Charlie Hebdo: ‘Extremists more offensive to Islam than cartoons’ 

 Activist Post: All Over America, Government Officials Are Cracking Down On Preppers

Earthquakes In Diverse Places
Earthquakes increasing across North America

Mars was warmer than much of the U.S. today


To End Violence We Must First End The Wars
War Creates Ever More Enemies In A Never Ending Cycle Of Violence
The Perpetual War On Terrorism Has Only Brought Greater Violence To The World
ISIS Terrorists In The Middle East Would Not Exist If Not For The Wars That Fostered Them
Paul: France policies cause Paris attack

Situation in Ukraine ‘nearing humanitarian catastrophe’ – Amnesty Intl 

War’s Not Over: US Marines Quietly Return to Afghanistan 

The U.S. military is back training troops in Iraq, but it’s a little different this time

Pentagon Shutters Bases, But ‘Savings’ Dwarf Planned Spending Growth 

Iran deploys ‘real Iron Dome’ missile defense system 

Hypocrite McCain Demands More Security Against Terrorist He Funds

New antibiotic found in ‘grassy field’ proves effective against drug-resistant bacteria 

Meteoroid flares in night sky over Romanian capital (VIDEO)

Signs In The Sun
Strong geomagnetic storm hits Earth 

Solar Storm Activity = Extreme Weather
Strongest solar storm in 3 months erupts over poles – polar vortex blasts upper Midwest


Plunging Oil Prices Could Be Trigger That Starts Dominos Falling
We await the fulfillment of Revelation 18, and the coming global economic collapse prophesized to happen in the final days before the arrival of the Kingdom of God. The global financial and economic system has been teetering on the brink for many months now, and this coupled with the derivates time bomb waiting in the wings, requires only a trigger to set in motion a series of events that will bring down the entire house of cards.

We Are Moving Into A Time Of Extreme Danger For The Global Economy 

David Morgan: Oil Derivatives Explosion Double 2008 Sub-Prime Crisis

Rob Kirby: Oil Derivatives Explode In Early 2015

Russian Default Risk Surges To New 6-Year Highs As Ruble Rubble Returns

Oil Falls Below $50 As Global Financial Markets Begin To Unravel 

Oil Falls Below $50 a Barrel, Saudis Offer Discounts 

Plunging oil batters Latin American markets

$200 bn in debt looms over American oil and gas 

Oil Price Plunge Raises Concern over US Production

As oil prices continue to fall, could it spell global trouble for the year ahead? 

Jeff Gundlach: Something Is Not Right; Concerned About Health Of The Economy & Financial System

Challenging The Mainstream Propaganda 

Poll: 42% of Americans Think Troops Found WMDs in Iraq 

Perpetual Wars Abroad While Passing The Cost On To U.S. Consumers
As prices fall at the pump, some U.S. lawmakers eye gas tax hike 

Cutting Social Security To Pay For Global Military Empire
Republicans Go After Social Security on Very First Day 

You Are Being Lied To – The West Is In Bad Shape, Particularly The United States

An Aging Europe in Decline 

U.S. to cut European military bases as budgets shrink 

Dollar Under Siege
Putin’s Opportunity to Bust the US Petro Dollar

Russian news: US Hubris, BRICS Alternative Are Splitting the World

Eurozone deflation puts pressure on ECB to launch QE stimulus 

Russia’s stealth ‘black hole’ submarine prepares for 4,000km trip, deep water trials 

Signs In The Sun
Unanticipated CME hit causes G3 - Strong geomagnetic storm

A SpaceWeather
UNEXPECTED GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A strong G3-class geomagnetic storm erupted during the early hours of Jan. 7th, sparking bright auroras around Earth's poles. What happened? The interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near our planet tipped south, opening a crack in Earth's magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in to fuel the strongest magnetic storm since Sept. 2014.
NOAA analysts believe the fluctuation in IMF is related to the arrival of a CME originally expected to miss Earth. 

Solar Storms = Extreme Weather
Expect It The The Days Ahead

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Brent oil collapses below $50 first time since 2009

US admits civilians might have died in coalition air strikes in Syria and Iraq 

Saudi-linked newspaper says Saudis behind the attack along Iraq border that killed 3 soldiers 

Tony Blair could face war crimes charges over Iraq War 

U.S. training of Syrian rebels could begin in spring: Pentagon 

Volcanoes rumble across the planet as 2014 draws to a close 


2015: The Year Of Default

Will 2015 Be A Year Of Financial Crashes?

Gold Imports Surge Into India As Import Laws Abolished

Actually A Three-way War Between OPEC, Russia And The United States
Who Is Behind The Oil War?

“Terrifying” Consequences if Oil Drops to $40

Did The United Arab Emirates Just Declare War On Greece?

The Fed Will Force U.S. Stocks To Fall In 2015

"Audit The Fed" Bill Gains Momentum, Yellen Starts Damage Control

Obama seeking regime change in Russia

Destabilizing Russia Disadvantageous for West: Czech Ex-President

Russian news: Former EU President, Italy PM: Russia Economic Slump Is Bad for Italy 

Germany, France Pushing for End to Russia Sanctions

Israel Prepares to Cut Electricity to Palestinians

Palestinians Seen Gaining Momentum in Quest for Statehood

Israeli President, US State Dept Slam Netanyahu for Seizing Palestinian Tax Money 

The Walls Are Crumbling Down Around the “Official 9/11 Story” – Why?

Sanskrit shocker! Claims of 7,000yo inter-planetary planes shake up Indian Science Congress

B.C. earthquakes could be foreshocks leading to a large one, Canada


Dominos Set To Fall
A Very Good Chance That The Fulfillment Of Revelation 18 Will Be In 2015
Global Financial & Economic Crash Imminent

We Await The Hidden Trigger Event That Will Start The Dominos Falling
11 Predictions Of Economic Disaster In 2015 From Top Experts All Over The Globe

The DDD’s that Terrify the Federal Reserve

Americans dissatisfied with direction of US: Poll

Grandmaster Putin's Golden Trap 

Russia's "Startling" Proposal To Europe: Dump The US, Join The Eurasian Economic Union

More Russia sanctions to provoke ‘dangerous situation’ in Europe – German vice-chancellor

Iran thwarts Mossad attempt to assassinate nuclear scientist

 Israel may file war crimes suit, freeze $127mn in tax funds over Palestine’s ICC push 

Israel freezes funds to Palestinians over ICC approach 

Palestine tax freeze new war crime: Palestine official

Site of Jesus’s trial may have been found in Jerusalem – archeologists

After Decades of Searching, the Causeway for the Great Pyramid of Egypt has been Found 

2 quakes with more than a dozen aftershocks strike north of Los Angeles

Arrival Of Kingdom Of God Now At The Door


More To Come?
Brutal Cold to Invade Midwest, East Next Week

Social Unrest Growing Within Israel & Jerusalem
US Consulate Staff Attacked by Israeli Settlers in West Bank 

US deeply concerned by settler attack on consulate staff

Dragon Obsessed With Global Military Empire
Beast Empire No Longer Concerned With Survival Of Nation From Which It Originated
U.S. Continues Building Unsustainable Debt In Support Of Perpetual Wars And Global Military Empire To The Destruction Of Itself
US Debt Soars By $100 Billion On Last Day Of 2014, Hits Record $18.14 Trillion

The Conflicts In Afghanistan and Iraq Were “The Most Expensive Wars In U.S. History” 

ISIS: The Best Terror Threat U.S. Tax Money Can Buy

When Will They Ever Learn?
The Wages Of War Are Death
Iraq violence killed more than 12,000 civilians in 2014, the U.N. says 

Revelation 18 - The Collapse Of Global Economy In Later Days
We Are Awaiting The Trigger That Sets The Dominos Falling
Gerald Celente – This Will Trigger Panic On Wall Street & Around The World In 2015

Bat-sense: Ecuadorian student invents revolutionary suit for blind 


Now Back To Today's Meager News
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
US an enemy: Palestinian official blasts Washington over UNSC statehood veto

Palestine files ‘Israeli war crimes’ probe request with accession letter to ICC – report 

US strongly opposes Palestinian bid to join ICC 

US weapons airdrop goes straight to ISIS....again!

Economic Terrorism Against American People
World Is Unified Economic Reality
All Of These Acts Of Economic Warfare Must Eventually Backfire Against Perpetrators
Economic Terrorism Against Russia Intensifies 

Derivatives Time Bomb Ready To Implode
Achilles Heel Of Global Financial System
Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour has your judgment come.
And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buys their merchandise any more: Revelation 18: 10&11

Banks Are Holding Trillions In Commodity Derivatives That Could Blow Up On The Oil Price Crash


Happy New Year!

The American People Are Utterly Clueless About What Is Going To Happen As We Enter 2015

Event Horizon Chronicle: The Great Unraveling of 2015

Gerald Celente 2015 Forecast: Manipulation, Depression and War 

Billionaire Warns Of Massive Crash That Will Wipe Out America’s Colleges

Did The Saudis And The U.S. Collude In Dropping Oil Prices? 

U.S. President Admits War On Russia
U.S. Oil War On Russia No Longer Speculation
Russian economy attacked through oil prices – Obama

Is U.S. War On Russia A Personal Vendetta Against Putin?
U.S. President Reveals Contemptuous Attitude Towards Putin

Obama suggests Putin's not so smart

Russia entering full-fledged economic crisis says ex-minister Kudrin

Attempts to isolate Russia have been thwarted 

Russia's SWIFT Settlement Alternative

Russia Fights Back
China pledges to help Russia overcome economic hardships 

Global shares and rouble rally into Christmas, oil stalls 

US military hardware will cause more bloodshed in Ukraine

At Year’s End US Remains at War, But Less Public About It 

 If the War in Afghanistan is over, Why are there Still 11,000 U.S. Troops There? 

More Proof ISIS Is U.S. Sponsored Mercenary Army
US military drops weapons in areas held by ISIS in Iraq 

Military hardware still flowing to local police after Ferguson

US creates managed chaos in a country to control it: Analyst

Peace Activist Kathy Kelly Heads to Prison for Protesting U.S. Drone War

JERUSALEM: Gaza remains a ‘pressure cooker’ as Israel-Hamas tensions continue

Palestinian Statehood Vote Fails; US Vetoes Resolution 

The new Iraq War is doomed

Oil Set for Biggest Slump Since 2008 as OPEC Battles U.S. Shale -

Intense eruption of Italy's Mount Etna


The Bible Is A Chronicle Of Empires
The Bible is a chronicle of eight kingdom empires that rule the location of ancient Babylon = Iraq, leading to a final kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God, with Christ as King of this kingdom to come. These eight kingdom empires are as follows: Babylonian, Media Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, British, and the United States, as the Beast Empire, where the Dragon makes a final attempt to rule the world - Revelation 13 & 17. The Ten Kingdoms arose from the 7th kingdom = British Empire, during WWI, and are located in the Middle East. These Ten Kingdoms are now almost daily in the news, and were formed by the 7th Head = British Empire, of the First Beast, which ruled Babylon = Iraq, during WWI, exactly as Biblically foretold. These Ten Kingdoms are: Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq, the little horn that uproots three. To deny this is to call the Angle of Revelation 17, a liar, because this this is exactly what the Angle describes, and it is a major key to Biblical understanding.

Anti-christ War Against Christian Russia
Beast Empire Continues To Demand Russian Subjugation Under U.S. Global Empire

Targeting Russia Escalates

Is US-NATO Preparing to Wage War on Russia?

The Impending "Russian Maidan"

Oil Price War Is To Collapse Russian Currency And Banking System
Saudi Arabia says won't cut oil output even if non-OPEC nations do

Russia Continues To Resist
Russia Dismisses New US Sanctions as Useless 

Putin says no-one will succeed in Russia’s intimidation, isolation

Russia Reserves Adequate Response to Ukraine Freedom Support Act: Official

Russia May Trigger A Retaliatory U.S. Financial Crash
Paul Craig Roberts – Russia To Unleash Ultimate Black Swan Against The West

Vladimir Putin warns US relations will be damaged if new sanctions are imposed 

U.S. Mooks
Canada Imposes New Sanctions Against Russia: Prime Minister 

Russian public names Putin ‘Man of the Year’ – fresh poll 

‘When you start thinking about ratings they start to fall’ – Putin 

Cracks Widening In The E.U.
Here we see more evidence that the European Union is not the Beast Empire and realm of the so-called Anti-christ as incorrectly believed and taught by many. The E.U. is failing as a global empire as member nations now wish to exit and cracks are forming very quickly - article below. Only the United States fulfills this prophecy as the eighth empire to rule Babylon = Iraq, in the end times - Revelation 17: 11.

Already 50,000 signatures for Italian referendum on Euro, Eurosceptic leader says 

Israel slams UN demand it pay Lebanon for oil spill damage 

US wars since 9/11 attacks cost $1.6 trillion: Analysis

Archaeologists Unearth Entryway to King Herod's Palace 

Christmas Holiday
I will not post updates between 12-23-14 & 12-28-14 because of Christmas Holiday

Evil Has A Way Of Destroying Itself
Watch As Economic, Financial & Drone Warfare, Backfire On Evil Perpetrators
Obama signs Russia sanctions bill, no plans to use it for now

Obama authorizes ‘economic embargo’ on Russia’s Crimea

Putin says oil market price conspiracy between Saudi Arabia and US not ruled out

The US is behind the current drop in oil prices – Bolivia’s president

Saudi Shenanigans Threaten the World's Long-Term Oil Supply

Stratfor: Ukraine Coup Plotted by US Over Russian Stance on Syria

Russia calls new sanctions on Crimea collective punishment

Mooks of Beast Empire 
They Mimic Their Master & Will Receive Equal Retribution 
Beast Emperor Rules Over His Global Empire
EU introduces ‘discriminatory’ sanctions on Russia’s Crimea 

​‘Impossible’ to cut oil production - Saudi oil minister

Oil rallies over $60, heads for 4th weekly fall on glut

Russia& parliament rushes through bill boosting banking capital 

Russia Is Getting Financially Stronger & U.S. Getting Weaker From Blowback
Putin: Russian economy will inevitably bounce back, 2 years in worst case scenario

What Putin is not telling us

"It's A Huge Crisis" - The UK Oil Industry Is "Close To Collapse" 

Preparing For New Gold Backed Global Currency After Dollar Collapse
Russia Busts "Gold-Selling" Rumors
 Reports It Bought Another 600,000 Ounces Taking Gold Holdings To New Record High 

Drone Attacks Create More Enemies
Nazis Learned This During WWII
Leaked Internal CIA Document Admits US Drone Program "Counterproductive"

Iran unveils a memorial honoring Jewish heroes

IDF strikes Gaza in retaliation to rocket fire 

Fukushima Rattled
Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Japan's Honshu island: USGS

The Story Of Elongated Skulls And The Denied History Of Ancient People: An Interview With Mark Laplume

Two Witnesses
Their are those who think that the end will not come until the literal fulfillment of the Two Witnesses. There are also those who think that the fulfillment of this prophecy is symbolic. The Book of Revelation by nature is a highly symbolic piece of literature and should not be taken literally. Those who are waiting for the literal fulfillment of this prophecy will be waiting forever because it's never going to happen, no more than the First Beast of Revelation 13, with it's seven heads, has appeared before us, even though this prophecy has already been fulfilled as empires that ruled Babylon = Iraq. This also goes for the Second Beast of Revelation 13, which is a symbolic representation of an eighth empire that rules Babylon = Iraq, in the later days. There are some prophecies of Revelation that may never be understood because the key to unlock the symbolism has been lost. The Two Witnesses may be such a prophecy. However my own personal take on this is that the Two Witnesses represent the two parts of Israel, Levi & Judah = Modern Israel, and the lost 10 tribes that are now scattered throughout the populations of the world, who witness the return of Christ and the resurrection at the end of time. This prophecy will be fulfilled with the arrival of the Kingdom of God, and is therefore not a prerequisite for the fulfillment of these final end time prophecies. Whatever the real meaning of this prophecy, it cannot be literal.

United States Versus Russia
Which Nation Will Survive The Economic & Currency War?
U.S. Declares (Currency) War On Russia 

Craig Roberts: Is Ruble Collapse Act Of War-Paul 

Russia Has Reacted to Economic Siege with Creative, Far-Reaching Moves 

 America's "Defeat Russia with Cheap Oil" Strategy is Failing

Oil surges in about-face as some bet sub-$60 Brent won't last

Oil jumps 3 percent to $63 as energy firms slash investments

China and Russia are Finally Dumping US Treasuries

IMF Now Ready To Slam The Door On The U.S. And The Dollar

 US sanctions bill to cement Russia-China alliance: Dennis Kucinich

China Prepares To Bailout Russia

NATO is Much Weaker Than People Think - In No Condition to Fight a War 

Russia not attacking west, just defending its interests - Putin

Ukraine wouldn’t have civil war if not for West - Putin 

Western nations want to chain the Russian bear - Putin 

Upper House plans probe into Central Bank role in ruble crash 

Western Banks Cut Off Liquidity To Russian Entities 

Why the Ruble Has Fallen and Insight into “Fiat” Currency 

‘If US sends weapons to Ukraine, Russia should send troops’ - lawmaker 

PressTV - Three members of congress just reignited the Cold War

Euro Crisis Deepens

Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria Plummet as Targets Dry Up


Pentagon confirms military buildup along Russian borders for ‘peace and stability’

New Russian sanctions bill to be signed by end of week – White House

Obama backs bill imposing new sanctions on Russia

Russia has enough resources to reverse ruble crisis – Medvedev 

Ruble volatile after Tuesday trauma

Russia's next financial option may be nuclear

Omens look bleak for Vladimir Putin: Can the president ride out the storm?

Russians must get used to new way of life after rouble crash, says bank chief 

Oil producers to lose $1tn if price below $60 – Goldman Sachs 

Yes, It's Possible For A Gold-Backed Renminbi To Dethrone The US Dollar 

European Parliament votes to recognize Palestine statehood in principle

EU court removes Hamas from terror blacklist 

Russia's new Syria plan is the only game in town

ISIS's Bloody Footprints Lead From NATO Territory

U.S. Govt. Seeks Excuse to Nuclear-Attack Russia 

Navy warns budget cuts delaying ship repairs, leaving sailors out to sea

11 trillion gallons of water to relieve California drought 

NASA Voyager: Tsunami wave still flies through interstellar space 


U.S. Economic War Against Russia Intensifying
White House: President Obama will sign Russia sanctions bill, likely by week's end

War Drums Beat Louder & Faster Between U.S. & Russia 

Congress Passes Russia Sanctions Bill; Backs Arms for Ukraine 

Crude Crash Set To Continue After Arab Emirates Hint $40 Oil Coming Next 

​OPEC won’t cut production even if oil below $40 – UAE energy minister 

Russia heading for crash as ruble plummets 

Russia Shocks With Emergency Rate Hike, Boosts Interest Rate From 10.5% To 17% 

What Happens If Russia Puts Ruble On Gold Standard?
Would This Not Stabilize It's Currency Better Than Raising Interest Rates?
Russia raises key interest rate to 17 percent

U.S. So Hard Pressed To Assert Power Over Russia That It Threatens It's Own Financial Security
Maybe It Doesn't Matter Because Crash Is Coming Anyway
Harry Dent: Oil Price Plunge Trigger For Next Global Crisis

Is This The Start Of The Next Major Financial Crisis?

We Just Witnessed The Worst Week For Global Financial Markets In 3 Years

Energy Junk Bond Investors Heading for the Exits

Obsession With War Destroys Beast Empire
$1tn cost of longest US war hastens retreat from military intervention

America’s Afghan war bill: $1 trillion and rising!

China’s Treasury Holdings Fall to Lowest Since February 2013

Palestinians to seek official UN resolution for Israeli pullout in 2 years

Belgium paralyzed in biggest transport strike in years 

Signs Of The End Of Days
Wars & Rumors Of War - Earthquakes In Diverse Places

"Earthquakes in diverse places." The truly amazing earthquake paradox of the last 114 years.


Washington's Master Plan - World Conquest

Historic Speech in Damascus sends Shockwaves around the World

Russia says will react if U.S. imposes new sanctions

10 Signs That Russia Is Preparing To Fight (And Win) A Nuclear War With The United States 

Russia Warns May Send Troops To Ukraine After Congress Unanimously Votes To Give Lethal Aid To Kiev

China offers military help to Iraq to defeat ISIS – report

Syria Winning War Against Terrorism
Syria sees another day of army success against terrorists

Mercenary Terrorist Armies Must Be Given Safe Ground
Syrian No-Fly-Zone a Bid to Save Al Qaeda

Cracks In NATO
Berlin anti-war rally protests NATO militarism, anti-Russian warmongering (VIDEO) 

CIA torture is reason for France to exit NATO – Le Pen

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