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Images of dead Yemeni children circulate in media after school reportedly hit in airstrike

Al-Nusra executes militants fleeing Aleppo, kills their family members 

Thousands of Saudi-Backed Terrorists Ready to Enter Syria via Border with Jordan

Syrian Forces Find Location of Notorious Saudi Terrorist Mohisini in Aleppo City

25,000 Militants Ready to Lay Down Arms in Southern Syria 

Iraqi Defense Ministry Rejects US Role in Winning Back Anbar's Khalediya region 

KUHNER: How Obama arms al Qaeda

In Syria, Obama-backed “Rebels” Battle Obama-backed Militias

Did the US Train ISIS Rebels to Fight Against Assad in Syria?

US Congress Exposes CENTCOM Propaganda Scheme: Cooking Intel on Syria Fight

Aleppo: The Reality Is Not Good News for Americans 

FLASHBACK VIDEO=> Barack Obama: "We Are Training ISIL" 

Ex-CIA Director's kill Russians in Syria comment reveals neocon influence

Iran, Turkey Agree to Closer Cooperation on Syria 

‘Neither Clinton nor Trump pledging to cut government spending’ – Ron Paul 

Russia Deploys S-400 Air Defense System to Crimea 

Can Hillary Imagine the Global Nuclear Winter a First Strike on Russia Would Bring?

Why Is This California Earthquake Swarm Happening in a Perfect Grid Pattern?


Turkey to resume airstrikes on ISIS in Syria, asks Russia to fight common enemy

Turkish diplomats slam NATO for ‘trying to dictate terms’ of Ankara’s foreign policy 

Can Russia trust Turkey this time? 

Syrian Army & Hezbollah launch counter-offensive in south Aleppo (VIDEO) 

Syrian Gov't Paves Way for Distribution of Humanitarian Aid among People in Aleppo

Syrian Army Discovers US-Made Missiles in Terrorists' Positions in Hama

Clinton's Top Pick For Pentagon Wants Escalation in Syria (Video)

‘Chaos in Kiev’: Ukraine trying to distract attention from Donbass conflict, says Russia’s UN rep. 

Exclude Ukraine from UN over thwarted terrorist attacks, says Crimean official 

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet holds drills to counter underwater sabotage after foiled Crimea attack 

Make No Mistake, Cold War 2.0 Is Now Official NATO Policy

A Return To The Madness of M.A.D.

Is Putin One of Us?

Civil Unrest in the United States, Stability in Russia

Washington considers sanctioning Moscow over DNC email leak - report 

Maximum realism: Russian navy drills in Mediterranean & Caspian to simulate ‘full battle’ conditions 

Russian military’s invisible ‘cloak’ to hide weapons & hardware from enemy radar 

Obamacare On "Verge Of Collapse" As Premiums Set To Soar Again In 2017

Brain-controlled robotics breakthrough sees paralysed patients regain mobility (VIDEOS) 


Pushing Russian Buttons
Ukrainian president orders forces on border with Crimea and eastern Ukraine on highest alert 

Ukraine Masses Troops on Crimea Border 

Ex-CIA Chief's Comments Reflect What US is Secretly Doing in Syria

Nearly 7,000 terrorists mass near Aleppo as Moscow brokers humanitarian ceasefires 

Private Contractors = Mercenary Armies = More Terrorists
US Army To Use Private Contractors In Syria

No permanent strategic bombers & nukes in Syria but Khmeimim base to be enlarged – Russian senator 

Saudi Losses in Yemen War Exposed by US Tank Deal 

Erdogan ultimatum: ‘US has to choose between Turkey & Gulen’ 

Washington Slapdown: Turkey Turns to Moscow for Help

Iran Dismisses Allegations about Supplying Arms to ISIL in Sinai as "Ridiculous Lie"

How Long Can Economic Reality Be Ignored? -- Paul Craig Roberts 

Shock: Americans' Wages Dropping Fast in 2016 

Mark Levin: We’ve Had a Silent Coup in This Country

Separation Of God And State = Godless Immoral Murderers
‘Extremist & absurd’: Lawmakers blast ex-CIA official’s call to ‘covertly’ kill Russians

Powerful Forces In The Russian Elite Want To Exit The US Controlled Global Financial System

More Hillary Clinton Medical Records Released !!!

‘We want cash’: Drug agents seize $209mn in random profiling of 5,200 travelers – report 


"Sell Everything"... But Why: What Has The Smartest Investors So Spooked?

Goldman: Sell Right Now And Go Away For The Next 365 Days

Bank Of England Suffers Stunning Failure On Second Day Of QE: "Goodness Knows What Happens Next Week"

We're all on the Titanic, as old bear says get ready for ugly stock market crash 

Marc Faber Issues A Stunning Warning That A Gigantic 50 Percent Stock Market Crash Could Be Coming

Europe on the verge of civil war – Swiss army chief's urgent warning

Leaders of the World, Putinize! 

Syrian Analyst: Kerry's Visit to Turkey Aimed at Preventing More Failures in Aleppo

Whistleblower Discloses Saudi Deputy Crown Prince's Major Role in Supporting Terrorists

Arab monarchies pour in funds to support terrorist militants in Aleppo 

This Is Not Civil War
It Is State Sponsored Armed Invasion
Report: 360,000 Foreign Nationals from Tens of States Fighting Alongside Terrorists in Syria

Arab Analyst: Large Amounts of US-Made Weapons Sent to Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo through Turkey 

‘Syria-bound arms arrive in Saudi Arabia’ 

Syrian Commander: S. Arabia Sends 10,000 Mercenaries, Tens of Tanks to Aleppo

Syria: Senior Saudi Royal Guard Officer Killed in Khan Touman

US to Sell $1.15 Billion in Arms to Saudis, Including Over 130 Tanks 

US Warships in Mediterranean Sending Intelligence to Terrorists in Aleppo

US Think Tank Admits US Carving Out “Safe Havens” in Syria

Photos Confirm U.K. Special Forces ARE Protecting Terrorists in Syria

Analysis: Decisive Aleppo Battle to Foil Disintegration Plots in Syria

Yemeni Army Seals Off Eastern Sana'a to Saudi Forces

Putin asks Russian Duma to ratify Syria air base deal 

Putin meets Erdogan for 1st time since downing of Russian jet 

 Ankara confirms Syrian crisis cannot be solved without Moscow — diplomat

Turkey Likely to Keep Backing Syrian Rebels Despite Russia Overtures

Turkey to transit Russian natural gas to Europe via Turkish Stream pipeline - Erdogan 

What’s behind Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia?

FM says Moscow, Ankara have similar views on Syrian settlement 

Putin-Erdogan Meeting - The Breakdown

After the Coup, Turkey is Being Torn Apart

Ahmadinejad to Obama: You still have time to fix ‘bitter past & return $2bn to Iran 

Iran’s crude exports at pre-sanctions level 

President Rouhani: Iran Distrustful of Several World Powers 

Iraqi Forces Win Back Key Airbase From ISIL in Anbar Province

Unknown Gunmen Assassinate 14 ISIL Terrorists, Injure 20 Others in Mosul

Who Got Us Into These Endless Wars? 

Fooling Most of the People Most of the Time Is What American Politics Are About,
 Even When It Comes to the Threat of Nuclear War


Hillary Clinton’s Health In Rapid Decline – Will She Even Make It To Election Day At This Rate?

BREAKING: Julian Assange Just Delivered The Next Batch Of Emails! She’s TOAST! 

WOW! BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich - Who Was MURDERED in DC - Was Wikileaks DNC Source!

2016: The Year America’s Two-Party System Officially Began to Implode

Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where $6.5 Trillion Went 

10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

Euro was flawed at birth and destined to collapse - Nobel economist 

Shelling? Rare earthquake shakes E. Ukraine, felt as far as Russian border 

Russian FSB foils terrorist attacks plotted by Ukrainian intel agents in Crimea 

Act Of War?
‘Kiev has turned to terrorism’: Putin on foiled sabotage plot in Crimea 

Largest fish kill 10 years in Nueva Venecia, Colombia in video


The Time Is Now
The Specter Of Nuclear War Looms High On The Horizon
The only way to prevent the coming nuclear war is for the United States to make a complete U-Turn in it's attempts to dominate and conquer Russia and China. Much of the war in the Middle East is the result of a power struggle between U.S./Allies and Russia/China for control of kingdoms and resources. Regime change by the U.S. is an attempt to purge Russian/Chinese alliances in the region. Despite the fact that Russia/China have expressed willingness to negotiate and share world power, the U.S. is bent on total domination. The aggressive NATO buildup on the Russian borders, and friction between the U.S./Allies and China in the South China Seas, must stop now, and meaningful negotiations must begin at once. Continued military posturing can only lead to an unnecessary war. No meaningful diplomacy by the U.S. has even been tried. It's obvious that Washington and the Pentagon are set on a course of war to force the complete capitulation of Russia and China over U.S. ambitions to be the dominant ruler of the world. The spirit of Alexander the Great, to conquer and rule the world under a single empire, has risen once again from the pit to possess the U.S. Government, and now pushes the world to nuclear war. His deadly wound has been healed - Revelation 13: 3. It's a suicidal scorched earth policy dreamed up by a madman surrounded by insane people. Nut cases with fingers on the button. There is no concern for the people of the world who will be forced to endure untold pain, death, and misery in a post nuclear nightmare. It's either complete U.S. domination over all nations on the planet or the human race will be destroyed. The idea that anybody will survive, even the ruling elite, after such a nuclear holocaust, is absolutely ignorant of the scientific facts or is in fact suicidal. I can only surmise that the Angels of Heaven are gathering for the kill, and the Dragon knowing his time is short, has chosen suicide rather than to relinquish control of the planet to the forces of heaven. This cannot be tolerated. All of humanity is being held ransom by suicidal nut cases who control the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. 

The Dragon now rules the Beast Empire. The world is on eggshells. Armies have already been deployed and missile defenses around the world are on full alert. All it will take is some miscalculation, or a misinterpreted move, for hostilities to break out, leading to a very quick escalation to nuclear war. The danger is the first strike scenario. If Russia/China are convinced that the U.S. plans a preemptive first strike, or visa versa, an unprovoked first strike to gain advantage may be initiated by either. It's a very dangerous game the United States is now playing with the lives of untold billions of people living on the planet. If we make it to the U.S. Presidential election in November without some serious conflict erupting between the U.S./Allies and Russia/China it will be a miracle. I'm hoping for such a miracle. Perhaps with the passing of the current U.S. administration a new course toward peace will be adopted by the new U.S. regime. I hope this will be the case. However, this change in government will not change the minions of the Dragon who secretly hold the reigns of power from their backroom fortresses. No, I don't see political changes as a solution. Unless these rascals are completely removed from their dominance over governance there will always be danger of war. There is only one sure way to pull the fangs from the Beast. Money and wealth are the pillars of empire that support the armies and weapons necessary to conduct war. Take away it's financial resources and the empire cannot long endure. It's armies will disband, and it's people will rebel against the ruling elite. No backroom fortresses will protect them. The empire will of itself collapse from within. From there the people can reconstruct a new paradigm free from it's previous evil rulers. There is only one way to stop this nightmare. The Beast Empire must be cut off from it's financial ability to make war. In the interest of a continued humanity we now call upon the forces of heaven to intervene in the affairs of humanity, and invoke the prophecies of Revelation 18, and bring about the final demise of the evil financial hierarchy that is Babylon, and restore peace to this war torn planet. It's the only way that I can envision any meaningful changes to this suffering planet. The collapse of this evil system will bring about the birth of a new and better system to come. The transition will not be long and the pillars of the new system are now already in place. Once removed, a new financial system based upon a multi-polar world and gold backed currencies can be put in place, against the backdrop of the Federal Reserve System that now corrupts the governments of the world. 

Behold, a Pale Horse and its Rider’s Name Was Death -- Paul Craig Roberts 

Another Phony Jobs Report -- Paul Craig Roberts 

94,333,000 Not In Labor Force; Labor Force Participation 62.8%


Watch Out For The Vipers Bite
Negotiations Are But Steppingstones To Deceit
‘Russia Has Won the Proxy War in Syria’: Deal With US Fulfills Moscow’s Mission

 Diplomat: US unwilling to work on equality basis in dialogue with Russia on Syria

There are no good terrorists

 Putin-Erdogan meeting to become key moment for resuming bilateral relations — ambassador

Go Figure!
Erdogan Puts Thousands In Prison For Attempted Coup
But Can't Stop Terrorist Convoys Crossing Turkish Border And Killing Russians And Syrians 

Terrorists' Convoy in Southern Aleppo Pounded, Militants' Command Room Operating from Antakya

Syrian Armies Now Securing The Parameters Of The Syrian Nation
Syrian Army Deploys Reinforcement Forces at Golan Heights

The E.U. Is But An Extension Of The Beast Empire
It Too Must Succumb To The Coming Financial Collapse Of Babylon - Rev 18
European Union: Mediterranean countries form anti-austerity alliance against Angela Merkel

Nut Cases With Fingers On The Buttons Of War
No Concern For The Millions Who Will Perish In Such A War
“Thinking Through the Unthinkable”: 
RAND Corporation Lays out Scenarios for US War with China

Japan discovers Chinese ‘military’ radar on drilling rig in disputed waters, files protest 


Don't Get Caught Up In U.S. Elections
The U.S. is not run by the President of the United States. Anybody who takes office will be forced to comply with the secret ruling power elite = Dragon, and the minions thereof. The Bible clearly reveals that the Beast (Alexander the Great) was given his power, seat, and great authority by the Dragon = Rev. 13: 2, and the beast from the pit, who is the image of same, is given power by same - Rev. 7: 8. When the U.S. conquered and occupied the location of Babylon = Baghdad Iraq, it became the eighth great empire in a line up that includes the seven head kingdoms of the First beast of Revelation 13, in fulfillment of Revelation 17: 11. As such it has become the Beast Empire of Biblical renown. The President of the United States is only a figure head. Nobody can win office without the approval of the ruling class. Money and power are the root of all iniquity. Money is the root of all evil, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Unfortunately, this has become U.S. political reality. Banks, corporations, and closed door meetings, have replaced the once great republic with a fascist regime bent on global domination, at all costs, including the provocation of other powerful nations to nuclear conflict. The minions of the dragon have chosen suicide rather than give up their insane ambition to rule the world. They have chosen the path to war rather than negotiation, with an obvious inability to accept a multi-polar world. 

The demonization of Russia, and the build up of military forces around that nation, without sufficient or proven cause, is one such example. What has Russia done to deserve such provocation? It has proven itself to be a competing world power, and not in compliance with the dictates of Washington, and it's globalist agenda for world power. The U.S. has embarked on a scorched world policy that will sacrifice the entire human race in a vain attempt to rule the world. Our main concern as the inhabitants of this planet, and as voters, should be to avoid a looming nuclear war between powerful nations that is soon to erupt, and is being ignored by the main stream press, and hidden beneath election rhetoric. No nation will survive such a conflict. There are no winners of a nuclear war. Therefore, the United States must move from it's war oriented position, which can only lead progressively to a nuclear conflict, to a more diplomatic mode, whereby it can negotiate peace agreements with competing world powers. It's come down to war or peace. 

When voting in November this should be the uppermost concern. In my opinion, it's better to vote for an unknown rather than to vote for a proven war hawk of the current ruling establishment. On present course, if things remain unchanged, the probability of a nuclear war is a certainty. However, it's questionable if anybody running for the office of the Presidency can overrule the power elite. In spite of this, as a voter, I must cast my vote for a probable peace candidate, and not a current candidate of the ruling elite that can only lead to the end of the world as we now know it. Russia has already drawn a line in the sand, and issued the appropriate warnings, and if the U.S. continues to ignore those warnings, and continues the provocation and military encirclement of that nation, at some point Russia will be forced to take defensive action that will trigger the beginning of WWIII. It's time to get off the war wagon and start peaceful negotiations in the interest of survival. 

Here is a warning of Biblical proportions. God rules this world as part of the galactic whole. The Dragon will not be permitted to destroy this world, and when it threatens to endanger all of humanity, and it appears that no flesh will survive, those days shall be shortened. This is the promise of Jesus Christ - Matthew 24: 22. There will be those coming events, in the days and weeks ahead, that will make for the collapse of the financial and banking system which empowers the Beast Empire, and bring about the fall of Babylon, exactly as Biblical foretold - Revelation 18. Without financial support no armies can sustain, and empires must fall. This is the lesson of history which many have now forgotten. It doesn't matter not how good or bad the U.S. economy may now be, or the number of jobs, it's the global financial instability, and the lack of global consumer support (Nobody Buys Their Merchandise Anymore) - Rev. 18: 11, that will soon rock the pillars of the Beast Empire, and bring down Babylon as Biblically foretold. Will it happen before or after the U.S. Presidential election in November? That is the only question remaining.

Vladimir Putin Issued a Chilling Warning to the United States

‘If It’s Hillary Clinton It’s War,’ Says Vladimir Putin To Frightened Russian People

Fissures in the Empire -- Paul Craig Roberts 

The Alt-Right Is the Antidote to the Neocon Warmongering Against Russia

Putin encourages Iran to join Russia-led Eurasian alliance 

Serpent Eating It's Own Tail
Creating Perpetual War
Nations Sponsoring And Supporting Terrorism While Fighting It At The Same Time
Saudi jets to fly missions in Syria from Turkish base — RT News

Saudi Arabia to help Germany investigate attacks - Spiegel

Iraqi Forces Discover ISIL's Saudi Number Plates Near Mosul

Stash of US-made heavy weapons found in terrorist-held Aleppo district (VIDEO) 

‘US supporting Syrian groups that use chemical weapons, but media won't report it

‘Many weapons that fall into hands of extremist groups in Syria are Western-made’ 

War against Isis: US-led coalition accused of killing civilians using scorched earth policy in Syria

More US Troops Headed to Iraq, Will Deploy Near Mosul 

Russia: US-backed militants ‘animals’

ISIS fills ‘vacuum of power’ in Libya left by US – VA senator to RT (VIDEO) 

Beijing sends bombers, fighter jets on combat patrols over contested S. China Sea 

Best frenemies: Trump endorses Ryan, McCain, Ayotte for reelection 

RBS reports huge loss sending bank's shares tumbling

The Days Of The Centaur, And Of Pan, Are Returning From The Ancient Of Days
The Ancients Once Dabbled In The Same Evil Science
Mixed Seed: US Gov to Lift Ban on Part-Human, Part-Animal Embryos 

Mutant ‘super lice’ US outbreak here just in time for back-to-school 

False Prophets & False Christian Doctrine
Many Christian churches of today teach that there is a spiritual existence in either heaven or hell immediately following death. Many people are surprised to learn that this is not the true teaching of Jesus Christ, or the Bible, and is in fact a false teaching propagated by false teachers and false prophets who are deceiving the majority of the people of this world. The Bible actually teaches that nobody reaches heaven or hell until the resurrection when Jesus Christ returns with the arrival of the Kingdom of God. Until that time there is only unconsciousness and sleep until the Lord returns. Any church teaching that there is an immediate existence in heaven or hell following death is teaching a false doctrine and those teachers are false prophets and teachers. 

The Bible actually reveals that Adam and Eve = humanity, once existed in a different reality where death was unknown. It wasn't until the Serpent deceived humanity that death became the norm of existence - Genesis 2:16 - 3: 24. Humanity actually devolved into a lesser state of being. Jesus Christ conquered death, in a preview of what will happen to humanity when it's restored to eternal life with the arrival of the Kingdom of God. How is this possible you may ask? There is a higher level of consciousness that transcends physical death. Jesus Christ proved that this is so. Therefore, it becomes obvious that the norm of existence and consciousness throughout the universe is transcendence, and not death as we know it. 

It was the alteration of humanity by the Dragon from the original condition that brought about limited consciousness and death. The return of Christ and the arrival of the Kingdom of God will bring a restoration of original consciousness and transcendence that was the original condition of humanity in the very beginning. The curse will be lifted and all will be restored as it was in the beginning - Rev. 21: 4. This of course means that the norm of conscious existence throughout the universe is transcendence, and that the earth is actually an isolated example of altered limited reality. This also means that there is no spiritual universe existing simultaneously with the physical universe, but higher and lower levels of consciousness existing simultaneously in the same physical universe. Otherwise the resurrection would be unnecessary. The Angels don't exist in a different spiritual universe but exist spiritually in the same universe. 


Civilians killed as terrorists shell Aleppo, use toxic gas – Syrian officials 

US-backed Syrian rebels responsible for toxic gas attack in Aleppo – Russian military

State Dept. dodges RT questions about US-backed ‘moderates’ implicated in Syria chemical attack 

Saudi Commander Killed in Yemen's Shabwah Province

Human Rights Watch Reports That US Government Tortured Children -- Paul Craig Roberts

The Stock Market Has Predicted The Outcome Of Presidential Elections With 86 Percent Accuracy

Donald Trump Warns Americans To Get Out Of The Stock Market As The Dow Falls For A 7th Day In A Row

Global stocks slip for third day, dollar recovers ground 

The Reckoning: "A Banking Crisis Is About To Sweep The Globe"

Prepare for possible ‘war on water’ over South China Sea tensions, Beijing tells citizens

New Japanese nuclear power plant project given go ahead by local authorities 

Siberia is so warm frozen viruses are thawing and infecting people

Major Volcanoes Along The Ring Of Fire Are Going Off Like Firecrackers


Stay away from stocks for the next 3 months, warns Goldman 

Crude oil slips below $40 for first time since April 

The Price Of Oil Is Crashing Again, And That Is Very, Very Bad News For The U.S. Economy

1,000 Militants Surrender to Syrian Army in Dara'a

Riyadh to Continue Military Campaign in Yemen Till End of Insurgency

Buying Fukushima Radiation Infested Food W/O Testing
Nuke Pro: Clinton Email Prove She Made a Shady Deal With Japan on Kissinger's Advice, 

Australia's about to move 1.5 metres to the north


Get Ready For America's New $29 Trillion Debt

The Fed Is Preparing For Negative Rates - Here's The Sign Everyone Missed

"You Can't Listen To Your Damn Stock Broker"
 Forecaster Warns Of 70% Stock Market Crash And New Great Depression

Painful To Watch: This Is The Weakest U.S. Economic ‘Recovery’ Since 1949

Seven Years Later, Recovery Remains the Weakest of the Post-World War II Era 

Russian helicopter on Aleppo aid mission shot down, all 5 aboard dead (VIDEO) 

Syria says latest US-led coalition strikes killed 45 civilians near Manbij 

Syria Calls For End of US-Led Coalition's Airstrikes Killing Civilians

Syria Blasts Massacre of Civilians in US-Led Coalition Airstrikes

Syrian Democratic Forces Take Control over 70 Percent of Manbij

4 more humanitarian corridors to be opened in Aleppo – Russian military 

Samantha Power Is Outraged Syria Wants to Save Civilians in Aleppo

1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt 

Turkish Police Block Access to NATO's Incirlik Air Base - Home of US Nukes

Iran's Leader Accuses US of Assisting Coup in Turkey

Supreme Leader Rejects Talks with US on Regional Issues as "Lethal Poison"

Iraqi Commander Declares Full Liberation of Fallujah-Ramadi Highway

Official: Al-Khalediya Island Fully Liberated by Iraqi Forces

Yemeni Forces Destroy Saudi Military Base with Ballistic Zelzal-3 Missiles

The East Bay is overdue for the largest earthquake in centuries and we are not prepared


Amnesty if terrorists give up arms: Assad

More Terrorists Surrender to Syrian Gov't Forces in Aleppo

Russian MoD Urges Intl Organizations to Join Humanitarian Operation in Aleppo

 Humanitarian operation in Aleppo to create basis for inter-Syrian talks — official

Syria: Over 25 Civilians Killed in US Airstrikes Northeast of Aleppo

EXCLUSIVE: Senior Syrian Army Commander Survives Israel's Assassination Plot

Another Palestinian Kid Head-Chopper Hunted

Russia raps US double standards on Syria

Thousands Yell Death to US Near Turkey's Incirlik Base, Home to US Nukes

Turkish prosecutor claims CIA, FBI trained coup plotters

Yemeni Army Wins Back Key Heights Overlooking Al-Jawf Province

Yemeni Army Repels Pro-Saudi Forces' Attack on Al-Jawf Province

How Israel Benefits from “Living with Terror”

The World, at the Brink of Nuclear War:
 “It is only by Chance that the World has Avoided a Nuclear War” 

The Road to Armageddon

Italy's Eurosceptic Transformation Sounds Warning for Out-of-Touch EU

Austria’s far-right candidate leading in first re-run election poll 

French Envoy Warns That Anti-Russian Sanctions at Breaking Point

Economic Sanctions are Wall Street's Instruments of Destabilization

Putin merges Crimea into Russian district

The Power Of "Nyet"
 How One Word Staggered Imperial Washington

Saudi Arabia is Setting a Trap for Moscow Yet Again 

Moscow & Tehran ink energy deals, discuss free trade zone 

Peter Schiff: Time Is Running Out, “Crisis Worse Than 2008 Coming”

Deutsche Bank Profit Plunges 98% And The Worst Is Yet To Come 

Lloyds bank to axe 3,000 jobs and close 200 branches 

Bank of Japan blames Brexit as it renews monetary stimulus

US Homeownership Rate Crashes To Lowest Since 1965

Global Marine Life Die-Off Accelerates as We Fight Over a Rigged Political System

‘Volcano of Fire’ erupts spectacularly in Guatemala, authorities on alert (PHOTOS)


Japan Has Sent A Massive Monetary Shock Wave Across the Planet: 
"Will Create A Big Upward Price Adjustment In Gold And Silver"

Deutsche Bank Profit Plunges 98 Percent As The Outlook For ‘The World’s Riskiest Bank’ Darkens

Here Is Why Oil is Headed Back Towards $30, Even $15! Ruble to Fall

Russia & Syria launch large-scale humanitarian op for Aleppo residents - defense ministry 

Syrian Army Received New Russian SU-24M2 Attack Aircrafts

The Syrian Boy Beheaded by US-Backed Rebels, Who Was He?

Russia DM: We'll Help Civilians Leave Encircled East Aleppo

Russia Should Avoid Western Anti-Terrorist Coalitions and Forge Its Own

US Slob-Dressed Ambassador Pathetically Excuses Murder in Syria (Video)

Assange: More Leaks Coming - His's Enough Evidence to Indict Hillary Threat Coming True (Video)

If Putin Is Behind the DNC Leak, He Deserves a Pulitzer

Hillary Is in Deep Trouble – (And That is Good News for Russia)

Syrian TV Declares Full Freedom of Aleppo's Lairamoun Industrial Zone

Army, Allies Celebrate Full Liberation of Bani Zeid in Aleppo

Syrian Army Regains Control over Strategic Regions in Badiya, Hama

Southeastern Farms of Farah Town in Damascus Fully Cleansed of Terrorists

Turkey's Failed Coup Has Already Seriously Weakened the Syrian Jihad

Leon Panetta shouted down by anti-war protesters at Democratic convention

Russia DM: More Forces Deployed in Crimea, Northern Caucasus as NATO Approaches 

Looming War With Russia Should Be THE Crucial Issue Of The US Elections

Like the F-35, America's Latest and Most Expensive Aircraft Carrier Doesn’t Work

Over 55k Americans injured, killed by US police in just 1 yr – study 

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