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Global Economic Crash In Progress
Key indicators are screaming the end is near. Commodities are crashing. Copper has fallen to a low of $2.02 lb. at the writing of this article. Copper mines in New Mexico are laying off workers and shutting down operations. Copper is a key indicator of global economic health because it's used in virtually all manufactured goods and assemblies. When copper is down it indicates a drop in manufacturing which also points to a drop in consumer markets. This coupled with a plummeting container freight shipping market is another sign of a slowdown in manufacturing and consumer markets. Oil is expected to drop to $20.00 per barrel as oil tankers park in shipping lanes because there are no place to unload cargos due to a glut of oil in storage facilities. This is also another critical sign of slowing markets. Another blow to global trade is the rising value of the Dollar, which is putting pressure on emerging markets with debt denominated in Dollars. It's causing an economic slow down in nations now forced to pay back debt at higher currency exchange rates. This will worsen if the Fed raises interest rates which it seems poised to do in December. Global markets are crashing. Merchants are weeping because nobody buys their merchandise anymore - Rev. 18.
Global Trade Just Snapped: Container Freight Rates Plummet 70% In 3 Weeks 

The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse

Russia Succeeding In Syria
Russian Operation Against Terrorists Improves Situation in Syria - Assad

Syrian army making advances since Russian airstrikes began – Assad

Syrian Army Advances on Aleppo Province as Russia Provides Air Support

Russian Air Forces Complete 141 Sorties, Strike 472 Terrorist Facilities

Syrian, Hezbollah Fighters Destroy Terrorists Anti-Aircraft Weapons in Aleppo

Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria From Ashes – German Press

Those Who Feed Snakes Are Often Themselves Bitten
Syria Pushing Terrorist Back Into Turkey From Where The Came
Syrian Army, Popular Forces Advance to Turkish Borders

So Who’s Really Sponsoring ISIS? Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Other U.S. “Allies”

Turkey: The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base And Where It Has Sold 800 Millions Dollars Of Oil

US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop "Illegal" War On Assad
Says CIA Ops Must Stop

Support for terrorist groups must end

ISIL Created by US Interventionism, Saudi Money & Wahhabi Ideology – Assad

Medvedev: US Mideast policy contributed to rise of Islamic State

Putin Getting To The Point
Jordan Also Guilty Of Aiding Terrorists
Jordan's King Abdullah to meet with Putin Tuesday over militants in Syria 

White House Gave ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Oil Tankers

The Middle East in the Wake of Paris: The Era of Regime Change is Over

Report: Israel Has 115 Nukes, 660kg of Plutonium -

Russia Has Navel Based Missile Systems Enforcing No Fly Zones Without Russian Approval
US, French Aircraft Carriers Rush Toward Syrian Coast To Find Numerous Russian Warships Already There

Ukraine nuclear power plants ‘dangerously’ without power as towers feeding energy to Crimea blown up 


God's Intervention Or U.S. Will Start WWIII
That's my opinion based upon current events and resulting trends. Just Look at the list of characters running for President. Most are warmongers and billionaires, or family syndicates, and ancient political Iguanas that never retire, in league with the military, corporate, banking complex. They have no real military experience and can't think outside the programmed media box. Look at the attitude displayed by Washington, the State department, and the Pentagon. What have Russia or China done to deserve war except to challenge the U.S. for world share? This is purely a diplomatic issue and no real cause for war. Imperial arrogance and the desire for global domination have become the U.S. mantra. Military conquest, encirclement, regime change via mercenary/contractors/terrorists, or economic sanctions have replaced diplomacy. What passes for diplomacy is simply a platform for U.S. dictates with no real give or take incentives. Look at the news media now become a government propaganda tool with little or no criticism of government foreign policy. Whole regions and entire nations have been destroyed by U.S. interventionism and regime change and terrorized by drone attacks on civilian populations. No national rebuilding and no viable governments have replaced those disposed or deposed, leaving a void for only criminals and terrorists to fight over and rule. All of this death and destruction has caused the largest refugee crisis since WWII to invade the European Continent, threatening social stability in many E.U. Nations. 

No matter what happens or the negative results thereof, Washington never changes political or military direction and never stops. If one way fails they resume the same strategy from an altered perspective, but always the same goal is in sight. This refusal to bend, negotiate, or alter course in the face of failure and impending war betrays a inflexibility that has but one end that can only be war. Syria may very well be the trigger as the U.S. still refuses to give up on regime change, while Russia has moved impressive military hardware into the defense and support of the Syrian Government and it's national sovereignty. After expending huge resources in the defense of the Syrian Government, and because they are supported by international law, the Russians are not going to back down. They are now committed to a Syrian victory. If the U.S. continues to press it's illegal and aggressive wars in Syria, and refuses to back down, open warfare between Russia and the U.S. is the only possible outcome. Also, in the Ukraine, main power lines to Crimea have been destroyed by U.S. backed Kiev radicals, leaving millions without electrical power, a clear act of war against Russia. The Russians may have to intervene militarily to protect their citizens and vital navel resources in Crimea. There is only one way to prevent WWIII from happening. The power and weakness of the United States is in it's financial, economic, and currency domination of the world, and it's ability to finance national debt internationally. The U.S. Government, now heavily in debt because of it's global military empire, is dependant on the global financial system for it's very existence. This is where we come back to the Bible. The prophecy of Revelation 18, describes a global economic crash that puts a halt to the power and military ambitions of the Beast Empire. This event is a judgment from God, but is also the best way to prevent WWIII, after which no flesh will survive. I foresee this coming very soon. Global trade and commodities are crashing even as I write. This is the beginning of greater events to come. Following a period of deflation, a banking and investment crash will come. 

In A Monarchy The King Is Commander & Chief Of The Military
Take Out Assad And You Weaken Syria's Military & The Last Ground Defense Against ISIS

No peace can come to Syria without Assad – Lavrov 

Just Plain Stupid & They Never Explain Why
U.S. Allies Still Won't Give Up Nutty Ideas In Spite Of Refugee Crisis
What Has Assad Of Syria Done That Is Worse Than The Monarchy Of Saudi Arabia Which Is A U.S. Ally?

French Say Assad Must Go, Assad Responds "No Thanks, Get Serious"

Saudi court sentences Palestinian poet to death for apostasy: HRW

Some Light In A Very Dark Land
US lawmakers say forget Assad, focus on IS

War to remove Assad illegal: US Rep.

Next Step Is To Re-establish Syrian Sovereignty & Control Of it's Airspace
The End is Near: ISIL Left With Only 34 Bases Following Russian Strikes

Testing Navel Based Missile Defense Systems
Russia orders Lebanon to shut its air space for three days due to naval exercise - Breaking News 

Those Who Feed Snakes Are Often Themselves Bitten
Russia Is Chasing Terrorists Out Of Syria & Iraq
Terrorists Funded By Saudi Arabia Will Now Turn On Their Masters As They Flood In Panic Across It's Borders

Saudi Arabia shuts borders in north, east

Aggressive War Is Expensive & Can Bring Down Nations
Saudi Arabia’s Economy is Coming Apart at the Seams

War Against Civilians Can Only Bring Lasting Conflict
Yemeni Forces Attack Saudi Power Station

Global Economy Is Grinding To A Halt
Nobody Buys Their Merchandise Anymore - Rev 18
The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low 

The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low

Another Sign A Recession and Crash Are Imminent

Oil May Plunge to $20, Signalling Economic Disaster: "The Numbers Are Dreadful And Unprecedented"

Is This How the Next Global Financial Meltdown Will Unfold?

Paul Craig Roberts: “More Paris Puzzles”

Is Ashton Carter Insane?

Look Inside Putin’s Massive New Military Command And Control Center 

Terrorist Act Of War On Russia
May legally Justify Russian Military Moves In The Ukraine
State of emergency, blackout in Russia’s Crimea after transmission towers in Ukraine blown up 


Drone Strikes Against Civilian Targets Begets Endless Vendetta & War Against The U.S.
When People Lose Whole Families, Their Homes, Their Livelihoods, They Join The Ranks Of The Opposition

Former U.S. drone operators say strikes feed Islamist militancy

How Can A Nation That Is Itself Engaged In Terrorism Stand A Moral Ground Against Terrorism?
Former Drone Operators Say They Were “Horrified” By Cruelty of Assassination Program


Syrian Observatory: Ceasefire in Damascus Suburb to Be Announced in ‘Coming Hours’

Report: Russian Plane Bomb Was in Cabin, Not Luggage 

Sinai plane bomb ‘an attack on Russia, right to self-defense will be exercised in full’ – Lavrov 

In the fight against ISIS, Russia ain’t taking no prisoners 

Russian warplanes disrupt ISIS oil sales channels; destroy 500 terrorist oil trucks in Syria

Russia Destroys 500 ISIS-Turkey Oil Tanker Trucks

Giant Russian Bombers Pound ISIS Into Oblivion

World Moving Against United States Regime Change Approach
Hollande to tell Obama Europe can’t wait for US war of attrition with ISIS to succeed – report

Assad & Syria's Army Are The Only Boots On Ground Defense Against ISIS
Take Out Assad & You Take Out The Commander & Chief Of Syrian Army & ISIS Wins
Why Send In Foreign Ground Troops When A Standing Army Is Already Available?
Assad & Syrian Army Must Be Included As Allies

Keep Assad in power to defeat Isis in Syria, says former UK military chief 

State Of War Precludes Political Processes
Assad: no political process while terrorists in Syria 

France Wants Grand Coalition Against ISIS, But US Still Seeks to Exclude Russia

West can't bear to see Islamic State defeated

Facing down ISIS threat in Syria together 

World unites after IS terror but strikes may backfire, experts say

White House Takes Credit for French Airstrikes on Syria

Is NATO Preparing For Syrian Invasion Via Turkey?
Syria crisis: Turkey and US to carry out operation to drive Isis out of key Turkish border region

Or Is This To Protect & Keep Terrorist Supply Lines Open Into Syria? 
U.S., Turkey Joint Operation Designed To Save ISIS, Not Destroy It

Rand Paul: Cut Off Arms Sales To Saudis Until They Take In Refugees

Will The Matrix Prevail? 

New Boss Same As The Old Boss
We Are Governed By People Who Continue To Repeat The Same Mistakes
We Could Save Many Lives & Precious Time If Washington Learned From History
The Nazis, during WWII, invented the first drone weapons, or pilot- less aircraft known as Buzz Bombs, that were essentially flying bombs similar to modern cruise missiles that were used as terror weapons against civilian targets. It was later discovered however, and this has been historically documented, that the use of such weapons only caused the populations of England for example, to unite even more against Hitler and his Nazi Regime. I was posting articles and commentaries regarding this very subject years ago, but it seems that Washington is of the opinion that what has failed before they can do better this time, and go on making the same mistakes and failures over and over again. Is this not the definition of madness? 

Obama's drone war a recruitment tool for Isis, say US air force whistleblowers

Russia & Iran to open joint bank

If The Economy Is Fine, Why Are So Many Hedge Funds, Energy Companies And Large Retailers Imploding?


Kerry: Syria Ceasefire, Transition Could Be ‘Weeks Away’

Russia and France Begin Operation F.U. Obama Against ISIS in Syria
Raqqa Sucks to Live there now! (Videos)

‘War on civilized world’: Medvedev urges powers to unite after Russian plane bombing, Paris attacks 

Putin, Russia and the West: After Paris & Sinai, G20 summit is bad news for ISIS terrorists 

Russia hits 206 ISIS targets in Syria after confirming bomb downed passenger plane over Sinai

Everyone Wants to Jump on Moscow's Bandwagon in Syria

Head of French Senate wants sanctions lifted off Russia - Matviyenko 

US intentionally spare ISIS in Syria, want terrorists to weaken Assad – Russian FM 

Russian FM: US deliberately sparing Islamic State seeking to weaken Assad

US Military Leaders Warn Against Bigger War With ISIS 

Every Position On The Spectrum Supports The Government’s Propaganda -- Paul Craig Roberts

Paris attacks too sophisticated for Daesh

Russia’s position is that "no one can dictate Assad to go or not" — Kremlin spokesman

U.S. & Allies Financed & Supplied Logistical Support To ISIS To Bring Down Syria
Mass Media Afraid To Criticize Washington & Tell The Truth

Putin Outed ISIS's G20 Financiers — But Not a Single Western Media Outlet Has Reported It

Those Who Feed Snakes Are Often Themselves Bitten
Syria's Assad says no intelligence sharing with France unless change in policy

Grandmaster Putin Beats Uncle Sam at His Own Game

All Russia's Actions in Syria Comply With UN Law – Kremlin

ARAMCO & The House Of Saud

Iran aims to boost oil exports without OPEC's blessing - minister 

Paris and What Should Be Done

The Globalist Plan to take-down the whole World


It's Official - It Was An Explosive Device
Russia: Plane Felled by Homemade Explosive Device 

Putin Vows Vengeance Against Those Who Brought Down Russian Plane in Egypt

Russian Warplanes Help Syrian Forces Regain Strategic Villages in Latakia

Syria’s forces retake large area from Daesh

Russian Warplanes Destroy 140 Terrorist Targets in Syria

Long-range bombers to fly anti-ISIS missions from Russia, Putin orders Navy to work with France 

International State Sponsored Terrorism Is Totally Responsible For ISIS
Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members

‘US must face trial on Daesh creation’

They Never Learn & Never Stop
US sends more arms to militants in Syria

US approves $1.3bn sale of ‘smart’ bombs to Saudi Arabia 

Putin set to join West to beat ISIS as President tells Cameron ‘we should work TOGETHER

Putin Orders MoD to Cooperate With French Naval Group

'Obama, Putin reach consensus on Syria’

Russia Driving ISIS Back Across Syria's Borders
Perhaps The Real Reason For NATO/Turkey's Increased Border Security
Russian Airstrikes Hit Terrorists' Positions on Lebanon-Syria Border

US, Turkey launch operation to take entire border with Syria under control – Kerry 

Have Portions Of U.S. Military & CIA Gone Rogue?
Events Indicate A Schism Within U.S. Command Structure
Who’s in Control? Obama or the generals?

‘Iran nixed Assad ouster clause in Vienna’

Lebanon: A land divided and subservient to outside forces

French False Flag?
Washington Refines Its False Flag Operations -- Paul Craig Roberts

Food For Thought: The Found Passport 

 Here Is A Possible Motive For French False Flag Terrorist Attack
Triggers Mutual Defense Clause In E.U. Treaty For First Time Ever And Militarizes Europe Under Single Entity
All for one: 28 EU states agree on first-ever military support to France

France Declares War on Syria

Mutual Assured Destruction
A Very Big reason To Avoid A Nuclear War With Russia
Hiding In Bunkers Will Not Prevent The Extinction Of Humanity

Russia’s New ‘Nuclear Torpedo’ Can Create Giant Tsunamis And Wipe Out Entire Coastal Cities

Obama urged to send troops near Russia

Putin: Closed-door TPP-style talks no way to facilitate Asia-Pacific growth 

IMF’s Lagarde Anoints Chinese Yuan. Will it Now Demolish the “Dollar Hegemony?”

BRICS Bank & AIIB to strengthen global financial system - Putin

Japan plunges into recession, in defeat for Abe's growth efforts

Commodities Are Absolutely Crashing
Copper Is The One To Watch As Indicator Of Global Economic Health
Copper Now Down To $2.11 & Still Falling
 Debt, Deflation and Danger

Copper Sags to Six-Year Low as Investors Sell on Surplus, China 

U.S. Government Tied To Global Financial Markets
If System & Dollar Go Down So Will U.S. Government
‘Tough choices’ required: Real US debt over $65 trillion, former GAO chief says 


Syrians Will Rebuild Into A Stronger Nation
Syrians Take to Streets in Praise of Russian Military Support

Vienna talks: New elections to be held in Syria within 18 months 

Diplomats See Paris Adding Momentum to Syria Ceasefire Deal

Those Who Feed Snakes Are Often Themselves Bitten
Syria’s President Assad says Paris attacks result from France’s aiding of rebels 

This Will Become Reality Soon
It's The Only Way To Prevent The Illegal Entry Of Foreign Military Aircraft Into Syria
It's Real: Russia Deploys Powerful S-400 Air Defense System to Syria

Russia Denies Rumors of S-400 Air Defense Systems Deployment in Syria

Massive Explosions Reported in Militants' Munitions Depot West of Aleppo

U.S. Urging Nations To Ignore International Law
Inviting Unilateral Military Action In Violation Of Syria's Sovereignty 
US Urges Allies to Escalate ISIS War After Paris Attacks 

Nations Must Return To Compliance With International Law
Respect For Sovereignty Of Nations Must Be First On Agenda
How Can Nations That Engage In Lawlessness & Terrorism Themselves Overcome Terrorism Abroad?
Syria Didn't Ask France For Help In The First Place
French Government Took It Upon Themselves To Enter Syrian Airspace Uninvited
French Air Force Launches Major Airstrike Against ISIL Positions in Syria

Rebels Have CIA Weapons Capable of Downing Planes Flying Above 10Km Range

War Destroys Nations From Within
The Saudis Are Stumbling – They May Take the Middle East With Them 

Yemen is turning into Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam

Russia says Hezbollah not a terrorist group: Ifax

Lavrov Urges Stronger UN Effort to Shield World Heritage Sites From ISIL

Making Way For More Condos
Israel demolishes more Palestinian homes

United States Military Agents Deployed To 147 Different Countries in 2015, 75% Of The Planet

‘US media keep repeating Washington’s sourceless & twisted mantras’ 

Syria's No-Fly Zone Loonies Have No Business Running for US President

Invasion of Iraq led to current instability, the worst foreign policy blunder – Sanders 

WikiLeaks Blames America For Paris Attacks

 Another Paris False Flag Attack?

Magic Passports Redux: Syrian Passport Allegedly Discovered on Suicide Bomber

We brought this on ourselves: After Paris, it is time to square our “values” with our history

‘Terror attacks – echo of NATO bombing of Mideast’ 

Envoy blames European mass media for instigating strife between Russia, EU

Wake up, Europe: Russia is not the enemy 

A Message to Europe – Prepare for Nationalism 

The Matrix Extends Its Reach -- Paul Craig Roberts

The U.S. Is Now Flexing Its Nuclear Muscles on a Weekly Basis

Deathcrepe Asia, European, US Marketwatch: Nous Somme Français

Middle East Stock Markets in Turmoil as Saudi Drops 2.85% Dubai over 3% 

About 38% Of All The COMEX Gold In Hong Kong Left The Warehouses Yesterday

The Crash Is The Cure
The Fed Is Manipulating Markets And Prolonging Natural Market Corrections
Otherwise A Global Meltdown (The Fix) Would Have Already Occurred
Peter Schiff: Americans Are Broke
“The Fed has gone from indirect influence to manipulation". 
"The markets would fix this mess if left to their own devices, by bleeding excess risk out of the system. But the Fed doesn’t want to allow that to happen. Instead, it has interpreted its mandate as preventing crisis – yet in reality, it is creating a far bigger crisis down the road.”

Albert Edwards Explains Why The "Global Economy Will Be Thrown Into Chaos"

A Third Of The Living Creatures In The Sea Died
 And A Third Of The Ships Were Destroyed - Rev. 8:9
“Unprecedented”: Largest animal on earth found dead on West Coast, “very sick… very emaciated” — TV: Food supply is being “killed off… many sea creatures affected” — Expert: Most whales we’ve been tracking for past two years are not doing well… “I think we’re going to see more of this” (VIDEO)

World Of Nations Deluded Beyond Comprehension
It's Just A Matter Of Time Before A Major Earthquake Flattens Fukushima Completely
Earthquake Activity Is Increasing All Along The Pacific Rim

When This Happens There Will Be A Melt Down Of The Remaining Nuclear Fuel Rods Suspended In Cooling Pools Located At The Facility
Many Oceans Of The World Will Be Poisoned & Many Nations Will Be Affected
Yet There Is No International Effort To Do Anything About It
There Is Going To Be Hell To Pay  
7.0 magnitude earthquake hits off southern coast of Japan – USGS 

Star Trek Prophecy Come To Pass
Transparent Aluminum Now A Reality


The Crash Is The Cure
It's the end of the current matrix. It's the beginning of a long needed change in the global power structure, and a purge of heads of state and financial leaders. It's the end of the current financial system and everything resets back to zero. The financial markets all reset in one massive global debt default. It levels the playing field once again. It removes the United states as central to world banking and currency systems. It removes corporate and governmental controlling interests and manipulation. It brings about a convergence of all nations in setting up a new more equitable system. Governments will topple and new governments will be formed. It opens the door to a global multi-polar financial and economic system. It's the end of the E.U and a one world government. It's the end of imperial wars because the major players, such as the United States, will no longer be able to afford the high cost of a global military empire, as it defaults on it's sixty trillion dollar debt, while the dollar crashes, and the banking system completely implodes, and financial markets disintegrate. Because U.S. debt is tied directly to global financial markets, bonds, stocks, interest rates, and a strong U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency, it will not survive a major global economic collapse. This will result in major political upheavals within the U.S. and angry voter backlash will remove many from power. It allows for long needed change in the U.S. social and political structure and a return to common and constitutional law. It's the end of the Federal Reserve and central banking. It's the end of expensive government programs that can no longer be afforded. It's the end of centralized federal control and a return to state law. It's the end of an expensive militarized police state, expensive government spying, expensive non-defensive U.S. military, NATO, as well as foreign allies that can no longer be bribed and paid. It's the end of expensive government agencies such as the IRS, and the EPA. All of these can no longer be afforded. The armies will all be coming home. Yes, it is going to be hard for many but it's necessary that these things happen so as to end the current reign of terror and war that now plagues the planet. A bitter pill to end the disease. Babylon must be thrown down - Rev 18, and that time is now. Lord, we pray for your kingdom to come.

4 Harbingers Of Stock Market Doom That Foreshadowed The 2008 Crash Are Flashing Red Again 

U.S. Dollar: The Barbarous Relic

How OPEC Just Crushed Oil With One Chart 

Leaving The Eye Of The Hurricane

Here's Why Russia's Bombing Campaign in Syria is so Effective

Combat report: Russia flies 107 sorties in Syria eliminating 289 terror targets in 2 days

It' a $cam!: The American Way of War in the Twenty-First Century 

Divided Loyalties inside the Pentagon 

Making the World a More Dangerous Place - What US Foreign Policy Is Good At

US Won’t Recognize Israel’s Annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights

Kurds launch offensive in Iraq, Turks consider ground operation in Syria 

US 99% Sure Its Airstrike in Syria Killed Jihadi John

Greece mayhem: Fierce street clashes, Molotov cocktails, rioting amid strike in Athens (VIDEOS) 

Big Question For European Governments To Answer
Was The Immigrant Problem From U.S. Regional Destabilizations Intentional Or Accidental?

Merkel Has Lost Control Over Her Government - German Politician

Ticking Clock: European Civilization on the Brink of Extinction?

Take Out Their Eyes & They Cannot Fight
China missile test reignites ‘satellite killer’ fears 

Russia Is Becoming Global Leader In Electronic Warfare
Russia to test-launch ‘break-through’ photonic radar by 2018 - producer 

You Will Not Survive
Did Russia Just Gently Threaten the US?

‘Are you really journalists?’ Moscow slams Reuters for biased bombshell on Syria

U.S. Baffled by Russian Jet ‘Bombing’ 


The dictionary definition is: the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. Revelation 13 & 17, tell of a future resurrection of the dragon, "His deadly wound is healed." & "The beast that was, is not, yet is," that rises from the pit. These are prophetic visions concerning the rebirth or resurrection of the Dragon, who gave Alexander the Great his power, seat, and great authority. In other words, an eighth empire, or kingdom, in a continuing lineup from the previous seven heads of the First Beast of Revelation 13. This eighth empire is also referred to as The Second Beast of Revelation 13, and is the last great empire before the arrival of the Kingdom of God, that is to rule the location of Babylon = Iraq, as did the previous seven. This eighth empire is like an image of one of the previous seven, and pointing to the 'Leopard' as the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great. 

Grecia was the first historic demonstration of democracy, and the democratic republic, and the first federalized collection of states, similar to the United States. In fact, it is well known that the nation's founders patterned the U.S. after the Grecian model. Alexander became it's first King under a unified or federalized Grecian nation. Later this became an empire out to conquer the world. The Bible indicates that Alexander the Great, was empowered by the Dragon, which also explains Alexander's' overwhelming obsession with war, and to conquer the world under a single empire. From the time he became the first king (emperor) of Grecia, he was constantly at war, and busy conquering more nations and territory. It is said that before his very sudden and unexpected death in his early 30's, he wept because there were no more worlds to conquer. Would this not be called and obsession? More accurately, a possession, leading to obsession? Is obsession a sign of possession? Has this prophecy come to pass? You be the judge. 

Since the United States invaded, conquered, and occupied Iraq, it's Presidents, Governors, Senators, and Representatives, have all been consumed with everything war. Nations and governments have been destroyed in perpetual wars lasting years, and generations, and still more wars are called for. Millions have already been killed, and millions more displaced. Even Presidential candidates stink of war and more war. Police departments have been militarized. Imperial rule has removed constitutional law. A police state. Everything is war. Every solution is war. $Trillions have been spent on war. The aim is a uni-polar, one world, global, financial, economic, and military empire, and to subdue or conquer any nations not in alignment. A multi-polar world is totally rejected in favor of a one world U.S. global empire. 

Not only is the U.S. Government indicted by Revelation 13 & 17, but the implication is that it's last King, President(?) will also be empowered, possessed(?) by the same Dragon as was Alexander the Great. He is Biblically known as the Beast, both by Daniel, and Revelation, and is more popularly, but incorrectly, referred to as Anti-christ, the personification of Satan, in the final days before the return of Christ. Why the last President? Because the Beast, is imprisoned, when the Kingdom of God arrives, and because the U.S. is the Beast Empire, it's last President at the time of the end is the one so appointed. We have only to ask ourselves who this final President may be? A big hint is that it will not be a woman, because the Bible specifically speaks about a man, and his power will be during a time when there is also a great global economic crash that brings down the empire. Now, take a look at current events, and it appears that a big global crash is coming soon. Whoever is in power when this finally happens is the most likely candidate. There will not be another before the end has come.

The First Beast Of Revelation 13
These Are The Seven Empires (Heads) That Ruled The Geographic Location Of Babylon = Iraq
Babylonian, Media Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, British Empire

The Second Beast of Revelation 13
Eighth Empire To Rule Babylon
United States

The Ten Kingdoms
Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Persia now called Iran, Egypt, Basrah, Baghdad and Mosul = Iraq

Former Reagan Administration Official Warns That Financial Disaster Is Dead Ahead


Away From Dollar: Russia, China to Create Entirely Different Gold Market

Chinese Shanshui cement corporate default

‘US militaristic faction continues to push for Middle East wars’ 

White House Objections Stop ISIS War Authorization Vote 

‘Tens of millions of Turkish Kurds feel hard-done by the government’ 

‘Erasing from map’? Scenes of destruction as Turkish military besiege Kurdish town of Silvan (VIDEO)

True Heroes: Syrian Pilots Compete With Each Other for Missions

The Tables are Turning: Syrian Army Pushes ISIL Out of Key Areas

Over 1 Million Syrians Returned Home Since Beginning of Russian Campaign

Russian Military Jets Hit 277 Terrorist Targets in Two Days

Russia's campaign against terrorists in Syria inciting retaliation

Saudis Spurn Russian Proposal for Solving Syrian War

Saudi Arabia Decides to Enter Bond Markets Due to Dropping Oil Prices

Russia to loan Iran $7bn 

The European Union is Crumbling Right Before Our Eyes

Israeli Airstrikes Reported Near Damascus Airport

Israel jets strike near Syria airport

Russia won’t be drawn into arms race, but needs to catch up – Putin 

Joint Russian-Armenian Air Defense Shield to Cover Middle East

Snowden Vindicated As Judge Slams "Unconstitutional, Orwellian" NSA Bulk Spying

Scientists, Professors, Others Warn Not To Eat Pacific Seafood

New Report Expects a Million Cancer Deaths from Fukushima Fallout

Strange Anomaly Discovered Inside Great Pyramid

China discovers undersea gold reserves estimated at $16.4bn

Earth Changes Accelerate As 12 Major Earthquakes Hit Chile Within The Last 24 Hours


Now We Come To Current Events
Here Are A Few Things I Predict Will Be Happening Soon
The Ten Kingdoms Now Turn Against The Beast  - Rev 17: 16

 All of Revelation 17, has already been fulfilled. The seven heads, the Ten Kingdoms, & The Beast, that was, is not, yet is, have already been fulfilled. We are now at threshold of Revelation 18. God’s judgment is about to be poured out on Babylon = The Beast Empire, which is to result in a great global economic crash of epic proportions. This is perfectly described in great detail. "Babylon will be thrown down." - Rev. 18: 21. It is because of it’s great iniquities that God puts and end to it. “And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth”. - Rev. 18: 24.  It is therefore God’s retribution for the murder, wars, and deaths caused by the United States against the people of the Earth. Blood stains the halls of Washington. This will be avenged. 

The Dragon knows what's coming. It’s power base is about to be destroyed just when he thought to rule the world. That is why the United States is trying to start a war. There is desperation in the ruling class and a scapegoat is need to blame on the coming crash. War is always a good diversion in hard financial times. It was that way in both WWI & WWII. Both were preceded by hard economic times in Europe and the U.S. It will be no different now except that this time it is the elite themselves that will suffer as a result of their miss-applied debt based financial system, and the failure of controlled markets, and the manipulation of currencies and markets. Too much meddling in the markets will lead to it’s own demise. 

The system was built upon the resale value of debt. However, there is now so much debt that it no longer has value. These mounting debts were never intended to be paid off. They were simply consolidated, repackaged and sold as more debt. All markets are supported by debt. People and corporations borrow on cheap interest rates and invest in financial markets. The markets are subject to major corrections and there will eventually come some unexpected financial event that will set the dominos falling. Everything is so financially entwined in debt, that when one goes down they all must follow. This is the fallacy of empires and centralized systems. The weakness is in the centralization itself. Lack of independence leads to a one world crash.

 The Ten Kingdoms of the Middle East are going to abandon the U.S. and join the Russian alliance. There will be big trouble in Turkey. Revolution or overthrow. Turkey too will move into the Russian sphere. The moves against the Dollar by Russia will be successful, and with OPEC dropping the Dollar as the Petrol Dollar, the empire and the world are going to plunge into economic darkness. The United States Government will be financially decimated and unable to sustain it’s debt and global armies abroad. There will be political upheavals within the United States and many nations abroad. The U.S. will be forced into withdrawing it’s military from many corners of the world. Sweeping changes will be the result, and a new global financial system will be born based upon gold. This new system is already in place via recently established Russian and Chinese alternate financial systems and currencies. Vast amounts of gold have already been purchased by those nations ready to replace the Dollar based system after it crashes. All previous debt based upon the old system will be forgiven and wiped out. Financially everything will have to start over. That includes banks, corporations, markets, and of course individual debt, because it was all based upon a fraudulent and illegally manipulated system in favor of criminal bankers. Fiat currencies will become a thing of the past. Following these events we will move quickly into Revelation 19 & 20, and the return of Christ, the resurrection unto life, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God.

 The United States supports it’s military empire not by taxation, but by selling it’s debt = bonds, to the world, and by it’s Dollar denominated global financial system. When the world of nations stops buying U.S. bonds, and stops using the U.S. Dollar in the international markets, the game is up, and all of it’s debt will come crashing back down upon the U.S. Government itself. That's why interest rates are being held artificially low by the Federal Reserve. I recently posted an article suggesting that U.S. debt is many times higher than officially reported. Sixty $Trillion may be a more accurate figure. This is an unimaginable amount of debt. Can you imagine the interest on that much debt? Most of U.S. taxation goes to pay just the interest on the debt and not the debt itself which is never paid off. It’s simply rolled over into more debt. If interest rates were to rise just a few percentage points the U.S. Government will default on it’s debt payment or print itself into financial oblivion. We are living in a global financial system that simply cannot be sustained much longer. Without constant adjustment and manipulation by governments and central banks the system would have already gone under. The crash is coming. However, it will also be the beginning of a new and better financial system. The Crash Is The Cure.

Syria Must Reassert It's National Sovereignty Before The United Nations
Syrian Government Not Even Acknowledged By The United States Military
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Netanyahu: Issues of Jerusalem and Temple Mount are unsolvable

Steal Land For Oil & Gas Development
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Unholy U.S. Congress Appropriates More Debt For Global Insurrection & Wars
Senate passes defense bill that halts Gitmo closure, gives military aid to Kiev & Syrian rebels 

Possessed By Ancient Demon Of War
U.S. Government Unable To Quench Thirst For More War
U.S. Congress Prepares to Ramp up Ukraine War Again by Authorizing Lethal Aid to Kiev

Failure Of U.S. Economic Sanctions
Capital flight from Russia halves in 2015 – Central Bank

Babylon Will Be Thrown Down - Rev 18: 21
Great Global Economic Crash Coming
'US leads world toward economic crisis’

Corporate America deep in debt - Goldman Sachs 

Is Global Taxation The Solution To Global Warming?
Climate Alarmists Are in Panic Mode — Because the Public Isn't


The Global Balance of Power Has Irrevocably Shifted to Russia

This Goes To My previous Commentary How Russia Can Force The U.S. Out Of Syria
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Syrian Army on Offensive Near Aleppo, Large Number of Terrorists Killed

Demonstration Of How Imperial War Can Financially Destroy A Nation
If So, How Much More Damage has Already Been Done To The U.S.

Saudi Arabia to Hit Global Debt Market – Borrowing Could Equal 50% of GDP in 5 Years 

If Saudi Arabia is “Allah’s Pardise” on Earth, Why are so Many Professionals Trying to Flee?

OPEC Petrol Dollar Empire Collapsing In Revolt
The Oil Wars Heat Up: Russia, Iraq Steal Saudi Market Share While Oman Blasts OPEC As "Irresponsible"

Putin Continues Working To Bring Down Petrol Dollar
Destroying The Petrol Dollar Is Viable Option To Mutually Destructive WWIII
Bring Down The Dollar & You Bring Down The Empire Without Firing A Shot
Putin hosts Kuwait's ruler on his first trip to Russia 

Russia: Claims of state-sponsored Olympic doping politically motivated

The Re-enserfment of Western Peoples -- Paul Craig Roberts

There is no justice in the “justice system”. And there never will be. 

Another Nail In Dollar Coffin
Beijing allows free conversion between yuan & Swiss franc 

Global Financial Crisis Imminent
Revelation 18

The Serpent Writhes As It's Federal Reserve Dominated Global Petrol Dollar Financial Empire Collapses Around Itself

As Yuan Rivals Dollar, U.S. Launches Ballistic Missiles Over West Coast: "Lit Up California"

Merchants Weep Because Nobody Buys Their Merchandise Anymore - Rev. 18:11
We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession

The Obama Armistice is America’s Final Surrender

The Love Of Many Shall Wax Cold - Matthew 24: 12
The US inmates charged per night in jail - BBC News

Hall Of Records To Be Opening Soon
When The Kingdom Of God Arrives The True History Of Humankind Will Be Revealed
Enoch's Legendary Hidden Chamber Of Knowledge Will Be Opened 
‘Heat anomaly’ found in Great Pyramid of Giza, maybe secret chamber 

Interesting Email

I woke-up in the middle of the night with this image in my head, It was of the footprint of feet in the sand. (attached) it must have been from a dream but I am not sure. All I can say is that I was told to look at Daniel’s image from the perspective of what was touching the ground and not the whole image of man and his history. I only just put this drawing together it is a bit crude and needs more work but I know that you would already understand it. The last days is not just the 10 toes as some teach but about the sole of the feet and what is touching the ground. The image is very clear to me the feet are firmly push together the toes and soles of the feet are all touching each other. I don’t fully understand but the USA and Israel (The nation) stand together and alone I am not sure why? Is it because they will be gone before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ


 I would say it is because in the final days the world of nations is turning against the U.S. & Israel and isolating them. It also indicates that both Israel and the U.S. go down together. That is, when the global crash comes, Israel will go down with the U.S., because of it’s financial and military interdependence, but more so Israel’s dependence on the United States for it’s survival. It’s become obvious to me that there can only be two ways these final days will end. It’s either WWIII, and the total destruction of humanity, or the collapse of the Beast Empire itself, via the collapse of it’s global financial and dollar denominated empire which gives it the power to wage endless war and enslave humanity. The Bible – Revelation 18, forewarns us that it is a great global financial crash that brings down the empire just before the arrival of the Kingdom of God. It also explains that the Ten Kingdoms of the Middle East are directly linked to this collapse, and hasten the demise of the empire in the final days. When I see the giant strides made by Putin, and Russia, already in the Middle East, and Putin working hard to negotiate an alliance of the Ten Kingdoms and Russia, it is easy to see what is going to happen if these kingdoms suddenly turn against the U.S. and side with Russia. You can kiss the Petrol Dollar goodbye. Hope this helps.


Combat report: Russian Air Force destroys 448 terrorist facilities in Syria over 3 days (VIDEOS)

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Saudi warship destroyed off Yemen

Warnings of war as Israeli PM embarks on US visit 

53% of Israelis support killing Palestinian terrorists on the spot

Pentagon petty cash: $5mn for Iraqi civilians killed in anti-ISIS strikes could cover 2,000 people 

Carter should know the world is not a cowboy movie 

US debt is triple the claimed rate: Ex-GAO

China trade surplus hits record high

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Gulf States to lose $275bn in oil exports this year – IMF’s Lagarde 

Does the Bell Toll for the Fed?

Violent Shaking Along The Ring Of Fire Continues A Progression Of Disasters That Began In September

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