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 Crazy Perspective On Urban Warfare
Death & Destruction To Civilian Populations Is A Great Victory
Saudis Declare ‘Victory: Is Yemen War Ending or Just Being Rebranded?

Houthis Surprised by Saudi Operation’s End, Claim Ceasefire ‘Close’ 

Scores of Saudi-Backed Terrorists Surrender in Yemen's Aden

Obviously A U.S. Proxy War Using Saudi Arabia
US Naval Deployment to Yemen Targets Iran

Houthi Blames US for Saudi Air Strikes

Stealth Bombers Carrying Bunker Buster Bombs Or Tactical Nukes?
Obama Plays Down Concerns: If It Had to, US Could Penetrate Iranian S-300

US war on Iran ‘will ignite conflagration’

‘Israel is elephant in the room in Iran-US relations’ 

Lifting Iran sanctions in Russia’s interest – Lavrov 

Russia and China set up $200mn hi-tech fund 

China Is Well Positioned For Dollar Collapse
China’s secret gold stockpile may be world’s 2nd biggest

US making business out of Mideast wars’

Hitting The U.S. Where It Hurts The Most
When The U.S. Dollar Is Dethroned As World's Reserve Currency
U.S. Will Be Unable To Finance Global Military Empire

Russia Hopes to See Multicurrency World Despite US Opposition

Desperation Of A Failing Empire
​Washington prepares for diplomatic war of attrition with Russia 

Truth Is Washington’s Enemy

Why An American And A Russian General Are Suddenly Very Worried About Nuclear War 

Putin Warns Israel: Don't Send Deadly Weapons to Ukraine

I Told You So
Here Come The U.S. Sponsored Mercenary Death Squads
 Militia claim spotting up to 70 mercenaries of US military company Academi in east Ukraine

US Training Nazis, Western Media Providing Cover

​US uses Ukraine crisis to derail Russia-Germany partnership – Lavrov 

Germany's Merkel Urged to Stand Firm Against US Interventions in Ukraine

Gilbert Doctorow: Merkel Is Trying to Resist US Pressure Over Ukraine

‘US actions could cause nuclear winter’

S-400 missile defense strength doubled in Russia's far east 

‘Default would be best scenario for Greece’

Wages Of Aggressive Perpetual Warfare Are Perdition
Is The U.S. Food Supply Cursed?

Pacific Ocean Becoming A Death Zone
No Way To Stop Ongoing Disaster
Three Reactor Cores Burned Through Containment Housings And Still Sinking Into The Earth

Pumps at Fukushima plant halted, toxic water leaking into ocean - TEPCO


Middle East Perpetual War Scenario Being Repeated In The Ukraine
Train Kiev Army To Bring About Greater War & Civil Unrest
Recruit Mercenary Death Squads To Perpetuate Unending Destabilization
Blame Terrorist Atrocities On Anti-Kiev Freedom Fighters
Move Trouble Further Into Russian Interior In The Interest Of Destabilization & Regime Change

U.S. Army Begins Exercise to Train Fascist Battalions in Ukraine

WASHINGTON: U.S. dispatches elite troops to train Ukrainians 

What Victory Is There In Death?
Nuclear War With Russia Will Completely Destroy Israel & The United States

Gunslinger US Gen Readies For War With Russia

Another Idiotic U.S. Plan to Hurt Russia

Russians want their country to follow independent course, poll shows

Embargo relief? Russia tests food from Greece, Hungary & India

Serpent Eating It's Own Tail
Perpetual War Guaranteed As Nations Create Enemies Of Their Own Making
ISIS Are State Sponsored Mercenary Armies With Global Recruitment From Outside Of The Middle East
US Planes Ferry Arms to ISIL - Iranian General

Syria Confirms Contact With France About Cooperation Against ISIS 

Assad: France supporting ‘terrorists’ in Syria, acts as Washington’s satellite 

Assad: ISIS Was Created in Iraq, ‘Under the Supervision of the Americans’

State Dept: US Might Talk With Iran About Syria 

Assad: There are no Iranian troops in Syria 

Noam Chomsky: "The Idea Of A Media Which Does Not Repeat US Propaganda Is Intolerable To American Leaders"

Guess What Happened The Last Time Bond Yields Crashed Like This?...

Harry Dent: Over $100 Trillion In Wealth Will Disappear

Washington War Ambitions Could Cause Destruction Of Petrol Dollar
Retaliation Against U.S. & Saudi Arabia Could Set Oil Resources Ablaze
With A Sea Blockage There Is No Place Else To Go But Into The Interior Of Saudi Arabia
U.S. Moves Warship to Confront Iran Near Yemen

US Carrier, Warships Head to Yemen to Join Naval Blockade

US beefing up naval presence off Yemen amid rising regional tensions

46 Civilians Killed as Saudi Warplanes Attack Yemen Capital 


No End Is Exactly The Plan
No End in Sight Ukraine Conflict as US Troops Land

 Russia - Israel’s deliveries of weapons to Ukraine to increase death toll - Putin

Terrorist Mercenary Death Squads Coming Next
Political Murders in Kiev, US Troops to Ukraine

Yemen Shiite rebel leader vows not to surrender amid strikes

Houthi: Saudi Goal Is Occupation of Yemen

U.S. Backing for the Disastrous War on Yemen Continues

Houthi Leader Calls on Yemeni Tribes to Unite Against ‘Foreign Aggressors’ 

Houthis vow resistance as Saudis claim 80% of priority targets in Yemen destroyed 

Despite victory, Israeli PM Netanyahu struggling to form coalition

Sen. Graham: Not a Snowball’s Chance in Hell Congress Approves Iran Deal 

Bombing Iran opens up pandora’s box: Sen.

Cruz: Iran nuclear deal ‘historic mistake’

Nuclear deal or no nuclear deal? That is the question

Saudis Pour Oil on the Mideast Fire

ISIS Are State Sponsored Terrorist Mercenary Armies
Having No Singular National Origin They Could Not Exist Without Continuous Support 

US Planes Ferry Arms to ISIL - Iranian General 

NATO Increasingly Surrounds the Russian Threat

Gerald Celente – Who Knows, Maybe The End Is Near? 

Man Asked To Speak To Chinese Officials Says Gold Demand From China Is “Insatiable” And Price Will Hit $2,000 This Year

China-Russia Cooperation is Changing World Order – Chinese Media

​World Bank admits peak of Russia economic crisis over 

World Ponders Life After US Hegemony 

No walls to save eurozone from ‘Greece amputation’ domino effect – Varoufakis 

Chomsky: International law cannot be enforced against great powers’

Deadly Magnitude-6.3 Earthquake Strikes Near Taiwan, Triggers Tsunami Alerts


Yemen government rejects Iranian peace plan

Houthi Rebels Prepare for New Attack Along Saudi Arabia Border – Coalition

Sale of U.S. Arms Fuels the Wars of Arab States 

Putin says ready to work with United States: TV

Russia to Spend Over $2 Billion on Crimea Modernization 

Warmongers Love To Stir Up Wars & Then Stand In Safety And Watch The Results
Here Is What These Morons Are Failing To Understand
Precedence In War Sets The Stage For Future Battles

Nuclear Reactor Retaliation
Israel Cannot Take Out All Of Iran's Military Options
If Israel Bombs Iran's Nuclear Reactors There Will Be A Retaliation Against Israel's Nuclear Reactors
The Result Will Be The Release Of Nuclear Poisoned Contaminants Into The Air And Surrounding Areas Of Both Nations
  Similar To The Fukushima Disaster Millions Of People Could Be Exposed To Raw Nuclear Contamination
Bolton: Israel speeds up Iran war plan

Rubio wants war with Iran, not talks

Should A War Begin, Israel Is Already A Target For Russian Nuclear Retaliation
It's A Very Tiny Nation And One H-Bomb Would get Them All
Putin warns Israel on Kiev arms delivery

Russia’s Missile Wall in Iran

World racing toward nuclear ‘precipice’

Chomsky says US is world’s biggest terrorist

Iran starts testing Iraq gas pipeline

Merkel Says Free Trade Zone Between Germany, Russia Possible 

U.S. Will Lose In A Combined Nuclear Exchange Of Russia/China
Russian, Chinese Military Growth Exceeds US Expectations - Pentagon 


High Alert!
Any Military Incident Between Iran & Saudi Arabia Could Trigger War
US Claims Iranian Naval Convoy Near Yemen

At Least 76 Dead as Saudi Attacks Against Southern Yemen Grow 

Hezbollah blames Saudi Arabia for spread of extremism

Saudi Arabia announces biggest oil production surge in 30 years

Is Saudi Arabia Setting The World Up For Major Oil Price Spike?

Drive Out Natives & Build More Condos
High Court: Israel Can Legally Seize Palestinian Homes in East Jerusalem 

Money Talks Louder Than The People
They're All Paid Off
Republicans put Israel ahead of US: Poll

They Still Don't Get It
U.S. Wants Destabilization
Then Sends In Mercenary Terrorist Death Squads
Russia Warns US Troops’ Deployment Could Destabilize Ukraine

Training Not Defensive But To Make War
US Paratroopers Start War-Fighting Training for Ukrainian National Guard

 Moscow sees US troops in Ukraine as step one to supplies of US weapons

Illegally Feeding People?????
Kiev's Complaint: Russia Persists in Illegally Feeding Donbass Civilians

Top Polish Military Advisor "Completely Withdraws" His Support of Kiev

Following Washington's Lead
Ukrainian leader losing sense of reality

Germany is the Tell-Tale Heart of America’s Drone War 

NATO Warned: Russia Considers Missile Facilities in Eastern Europe to be "Priority Targets"

Ukraine Could Drag the World into Madness

The West Is Losing Not Because It Has a Bad Strategy, but Because It Has No Strategy

US Will Not Survive a Nuclear War Against Russia - Jean-Paul Baquiast

Russia Preparing for “Star Wars”

Putin: Sanctions Will Continue

Using Adversity To Make Self Stronger
Putin: Russia must use sanctions to achieve new development horizons

​Russia can withstand & take advantage of economic hardships – finance minister

Russia’s bilateral ties with Iran: S-300 issue 

Once Freedom Is Taken It Is Never Willingly Given Back
Congress is Attempting to Reauthorize Key Patriot Act Provisions by Sneaking it Into “USA Freedom Act”

‘Any reader of Orwell would be perfectly familiar’ with US maneuvers – Chomsky to RT 

Cutting The Head Off A Snake
When Dollar Dies Wars Will Cease
BRICS Development Bank won’t rival China-led AIIB, but complement – CBR head

European central banks urge ditching Greek assets, as default fears mount – media

Did They Just Figure This Out?
Keeping rates near zero poses risk of market bubble – US Fed official

‘Fukushima lessons: Any notion that nuclear power is clean is obsolete’

The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun

There Was A New Heaven And A New Earth
Earth Preparing For Massive Changes To Come - Rev: 21: 1
The Number Of Volcanoes Erupting Right Now Is Greater Than The 20th Century’s YEARLY Average


U.S./NATO Losing Propaganda War To Putin Honesty & Integrity
Reasons For U.S./NATO Animosity Towards Russia Obvious For Whole World To See
Nations Of World
Know It Is U.S./NATO Imperial Ambition To Force Russia Into Vassal State
​Putin wants neither Russian Empire nor army of clones: Q&A highlights

Putin demands respect for Russia, pledges never to become US vassal 

​Putin makes it clear that Moscow will continue to stand up to America 

And I beheld Another Beast Coming Up Out Of The Earth 
and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon.
And he Exercises all the power of the first beast before him, 
and causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed
And he does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
And deceives them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. Revelation 13: 11-15

The Beast Who's Deadly Wound Is Healed
Resurrection Of The Grecian Empire Of Alexander The Great
United States Was Founded In An Exact Image Of The Grecian Democratic Republic
It Causes Entire World To Worship Itself As Democracy
But With True Goal Of Conquering The World

Appears Peaceful Horns Of Lamb
Is Really Warlike & Speaks Like Dragon

U.S. Forcing World Into Image Of It's Own Design
‘Ignorance and arrogance’ – Duma speaker blames US for international crises

​Russia can withstand & take advantage of economic hardships – finance minister

Russia, China, Iran: In sync

U.S./NATO Look Like Silly Fools 
Running Around Pointing Fingers & Crying War When It's Themselves Making War
‘Ulterior motives behind sanctions, Ukraine crisis’ 

​US military instructors deployed to Ukraine to train local forces 

NATO activity near Russian borders increased by 80% – General Staff 

Russia Won't Allow a "Croatian" Scenario in East Ukraine

If Nuclear War Comes Israel Will Cease To Exist
Israel Is Targeted For Retaliatory Nuclear Strike Because Of It's Nuclear Arsenal & Close Proximity To Moscow

Israel May Send Arms to Ukraine if Russia Delivers S-300 to Iran – Reports / Sputnik International

U.S. Government Totally Corrupted By Money & Power
Bought & Paid For By Foreign Powers
GOP takes marching orders from Israel’

President Not In Control Of Military
U.S. Generals Speaking With Authority Over President & Commander In Chief
Gen. Dempsey: US Could Still Attack Iran Despite Defensive Missiles

It Was A Stall For Time From The Very Beginning
Obama Betrays Iran on Nuclear Deal 

High Tech Weapons Does Not A Good Army Make
US Generals: Saudi Strikes in Yemen ‘a Bad Idea’

State Sponsored Mercenaries
​Most dangerous Islamic State leaders come from Scandinavia - Syrian President Assad

Event Horizon Chronicle: So You Want To Get Out Of The USSA -- Or EU?

U.S. Government Has Lost Control Over Spending
Military Industrial Alliance Now Dictates Spending
Size of US State Debt is Worrying Sign for Entire Global Economy - Putin

Japan Going Down With The Ship
China No Longer Top Foreign Owner of U.S. Debt

And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; 
and the third part of the ships were destroyed. Rev. 8: 9

Real Extent Of  Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Now Becoming Known
Entire Pacific Ocean Poisoned
Massive Die Off Of Sea Life

Food Chain Catastrophe: Emergency Shut Down Of West Coast Fisheries: 
"Populations Have Crashed 91 Percent"

Hum Me A Tune
Earth Doesn't Sing - It Hums
Have you heard the hum? Mystery of Earth low droning noise could now be solved


U.S. Nuclear Negotiations A Diversionary Stall Before War With Iran
Arch Enemy Israel Has Great Power In U.S. Congress
Nuclear Deal Not Likely To Last Long
‘No end to sanctions, no agreement’: Iran sticks to nuclear deal demands

Corker Signals Veto-Proof Votes Exist as Congress Moves to Kill Iran Deal

Iran Slams Senate Bill: Says Deal With Six Countries, Not Just US

Russia Anti-Air Missile Sale Worries Those Who Aren't Ruling out Bombing Iran

Iran urges India, China & Russia to counter NATO missile system 

​‘UN arms embargo on Houthis not peace prescription, US should leave the region

Saudi Coalition Preventing Food Ships From Reaching Yemen

Sunni Saudi Arabia Vs. Shia Iran
It Already Is A Sectarian War
Iraq PM: Saudi Attack on Yemen Could Lead to Regional Sectarian War 

Swedish Expert: Saudi War in Yemen Going Really Badly despite US Support

‘No clean win in sight for KSA in Yemen’

​US ‘crossed all imaginable lines’ forcing Ukraine to do its bidding – Russian Def. Min.

NATO military exercises in Europe - ‘dangerous show of muscles’

‘Ukrainian crisis - NATO pretext to contain and besiege Russia’

Russia More Than Ready For War
U.S. Can Expect Massive Damage In Retaliatory Nuclear Strike 

Russia ready to oppose any outside pressure - Medvedev —

Russian Naval Activity in the Pacific ‘Returning to Cold War Posture’ – US

Snap Combat Readiness Drills Launched in Arctic Unit in Eastern Russia

 Russian strategic bombers go on patrol mission over Atlantic Ocean

China's YJ-18 Missiles a ‘Major Threat’ to US Navy

90% Fail to Report to Draft Board in Ukrainian City

Ukraine Civil War Update: All Hell is Breaking loose with Heavy Fighting around Donetsk (Videos)

NATO not going to cancel deployment of US missile defense system in Europe — Russian envoy

Economic Sanctions On Russia Backfire & Improve Russian Financial Structure
Worst is over - Putin on Russian economy 

Oh Mama: “The Sanctions Are in Tatters”

Economic Data Boost Russia’s Confidence

LSE's Lord Desai Warns: Gold-Backed SDR Is Quite Likely To Happen

Time Bomb Waiting To Implode
The Six Too Big To Fail Banks In The U.S. Have 278 TRILLION Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives 

Signs That The Elite Are Feverishly Preparing For Something BIG

Sitting on the wrong side of history, Liberty's flame burns east 

When Will the US Stop Organizing Foreign Coups?

The Only Two Tools in the US Tool Bag: Bombs and Starvation

Will Washington Kill Us All?

Religion Has Little To Do With This
Drive Out Natives & Sell More Condos
Would King David want Jerusalem cleared of Palestinians? 

Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel moves to cover-up its alliance with al-Qaeda in Syria


United States is facing global economic isolation

More states approved as AIIB founders

5 more Nations Start to Flee the US Dollar by Joining China’s New AIIB Bank

Lack of EU unity will prevent new anti-Russian sanctions – MP 

‘Sanctions against Russia a counterproductive American game’ 

Shelling of Village in Eastern Ukraine Continues - Militia Spokesperson

Event Horizon Chronicle: Boom! Boom! -- When The Supply Lines Fail

Hope on the Horizon and It Comes from Greece

No Trial, No Evidence, Just Executed
US Drone Strike Kills Four in North Waziristan 

Putin lifts ban on delivery of S-300 missile systems to Iran 

Political Analyst: Syrian Crisis Nearing End, Takfiri Project Losing Ground

Is Iran deal part of Obama-3rd-term scheme?

​Saudi Arabia rejects Iran’s calls for ceasefire in Yemen conflict

Yemeni Tribes Gain Control of Saudi Military Base

Source: Rift Widening among Saudi Rulers over Yemen War

Making Room For More Condos
Israel destroys more Palestinian homes

Israel’s Strategy: Divide and Rule by Justin Raimondo 

False Prophets Of Holy Wars
The Holy Business: End-Times Buffoonery in a Modern World

Water rapidly vanishing in California’s biggest delta 

Mass Whale Beaching Re-Ignites Quake Fears Among Japanese

Interesting Email Regarding The Location Of Solomon's Temple

Dear Larry,

A dear friend recently referred me to your observations in response to a comment I had made about the announcement that new implements for Temple worship had been created and are kept ready for the Third Temple. What you point out, that Jesus fulfilled and embodies the purpose of the Temple, has helped settle that question for me.

I have been a student of history since childhood and realized two things : 1) it's not always easy to See events for what they are when we're "too close to the moment" or get only snippets of facts/fiction that must be combined into a context or bigger picture to make sense or correlate, and 2) we must be willing to challenge any traditional view if one is not satisfied or persuaded that it represents what actually happened or new evidence is found that sparks a sanity check.

Regarding a Third Temple I had not taken a personal position on Whether a Third Temple was intended by Father, but was focused on the Where (what was in scripture, eye-witness records and what is found on-the-ground in Jerusalem). From work by George Buchanan and Earnest Martin and Norma Roberts (references below) it became clear to me that the lie spawned hundreds of years ago that led to the building of Dome of the Rock complex (and the claim that the jagged rock it protects was somehow used as a threshing floor') and that it occupies the site of the original temples has blinded many from seeing the topology and configuration of both the Temple and Roman fort Antonia as they were situated 2000 years ago. If we trust Jesus' own words that "not one stone would be left upon another", Josephus' and Titus' accounts of Herod's projects and fortification of the north hill overlooking the Temple complex, and accounts of the destruction of Jerusalem . . . then the Wailing Wall is but the western foundation wall of Fort Antonia (and whatever unrelated purpose it served before the Fort). The Temple never sat on "the highest spot" in the region (as human pride would insist), nor within the Roman fort platform precinct completed later (Fort Antonia/"Temple Mount" is comparable in size and shape to any other Roman fort built across Europe to house a legion) . . . it was on Father's favored spot that he deemed Holy and where provided the means ('living water') for carrying out his Appointments.

Thank you for settling for me the question of whether the Temple will be rebuilt. I hope my references here are of as much use to you in your own study.

References :  - George Wesley Buchanan  -  Leen Ritmeyer rebuttal by Ernest Martin  -  Norma Robertson


Intentional War Mongering For Sake Of War
U.S./NATO Claims Of Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Now Proven B.S.
This Makes U.S. Look Very Bad In Global Community Of Nations
French military intelligence rules out ‘Russian invasion plans’ for Ukraine 

Attempts to Isolate Russia Bound to Fail Like Isolation of Cuba – Official 

Ruble miracle pushes 2015 gains to 15%

Americans don’t want Congress to sabotage Iran deal – new poll 

Kerry Warns Iran Houthi Support; Questions Remain 

E.U. Falling Apart At The Seams
​100,000 Italians sign petition for eurozone exit referendum


Preparing For Death Of The Dollar & New Gold Backed Reserve Currency
China Gold Reserves Rise To Threatening Level 

Why Another Great Stock Market Crash Is Coming

"Another Crisis Is Coming": Jamie Dimon Warns Of The Next Market Crash

U.S. Support For Another War Against Innocent Civilians
Kerry Slams Iran for Urging Yemen Ceasefire

 Saudi Warplanes Pound Yemen’s Defense Ministry, Food Supply 

Naval Blockade Creating Food Shortages in Yemen 

War Between Iran & Saudi Arabia A Strong Possibility
Tensions Between Iran and Saudi Arabia Deepen Over Conflict in Yemen

Saudi Oil Resources Could be In Jeopardy Of Missile Attack
Ansarullah: Hundreds of Missiles, Drones Ready to Strike Saudi Arabia

Despite Constant Saudi Bombing, Yemen Rebels Advance, 
Seize Key Town; Ayatollah Trolls US, Saudis on Twitter

Pissing Off The Populace Into Ground War
Yemeni Citizens Await Ground Operation to Avenge Killed Civilians – Expert 

Commander: Yemeni Army, Ansarullah Planning to Arm Tribes against Saudi Arabia

Air War Making Saudi Arabia A Target For Vendetta Retaliation
‘Saudi bombing will have horrendous impact expanding far beyond Yemen’ 

"Saudi Arabia Is Going For it" - Why The Saudis Just Boosted Oil Production To A Record High

U.S./Iran Negotiations A Stall Before War?
Ayatollah Khamenei Accuses WH of Lying, Being Deceptive, and Having Devilish Intentions

US: Iran Deal Won’t Mean Immediate Sanctions Relief

Sanctions on Iran will be lifted ‘only in stages’, says Washington

Lavrov Calls for Urgent Measures to Defend Syria From Terrorists

U.S. Sanctioned Murder
No Trial, No Evidence, Just Executed
Military Veterans Target US Drone Strikes in TV Ads

Only Way To End Ukraine War Is To Remove U.S. Backed Kiev Regime
Otherwise War Will Continue Indefinitely
American Weapons to Ukraine: Beyond the Point of No Return

‘Dangerous process’: Russia warns against US, NATO military instructors in Ukraine 

US, Russian war games rekindle Cold War tensions


Delusional Warmongers Coming Out Of Woodwork
No Concern For Innocent Civilians Killed In Undeclared Wars
Nations Demonstrating Common Sense And Economic Competition Must Be Bombed Back To Stone Age
Sen. Cotton: Iran War Would Only Take a Few Days

Iran Calls for a Timetable for Global Nuclear Disarmament

Iran Refuses to Sign Nuclear Deal Unless Sanctions Fully Lifted - Rouhani

U.S. - Iran Deal - A Battle Between Radical Zionist Crazies & More Cunning Radical Zionists! 

The Enemy Is Unarmed
Innocent Civilians Are Intentional Targets Of Urban Warfare
Demon Of War Requires The Sacrificial Blood Of Innocence
No Better Source Than Cities Where Children Play
Israeli General Vows to Level Civilian Homes in Next Lebanon War

‘Better get killed quickly than suffer like this’: Yemeni civilians pay high price for strikes (GRAPHIC VIDEO) 

Iran's Khamenei accuses Saudi Arabia of genocide over Yemen airstrikes 

Dragon Knows It's Time Is Short
Writhing In Murderous Death Throes It Kills For Sake Of It
Killing for the Sake of It: The Grisly Reality of the Failing US Empire

It's All About Money & Power
New Saudi regime more aggressive, seeks hegemony in Mideast

Washington Making Wars It Cannot Win
Putting American People At Risk Of Total Annihilation

U.S. Cannot Completely Defend Against Russian/Chinese Nuclear Alliance
Civilian Casualties From Nuclear War Would Be In The Multi-Millions

Finland Warns NATO War Games on Russia Border a Bad Idea

NATO presence in Ukraine ‘dangerous’

Chinese Sub Nukes Can Reach US

U.S. Quickly Becoming Isolated In It's Own Financial Exceptionalism
China's New Superbank: A Second Wave of Economic Asianization (AIIB)

EU reinstates sanctions on major Iranian bank & 32 shipping companies

Nations Of The World Can't Wait To Exit U.S. Financial Structure
Tripping Over Themselves To Be The First Out
China "Can't Believe Its Luck" On Investment Bank

Iran Joins China-Led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Japan still on fence about AIIB but envisages $1.5 billion contribution if it joins

​BRICS $100bn reserve currency pool to sooth global shocks – Medvedev 

Defying US Objections, China to Build Iran-Pakistan Pipeline 

When Nations Become Empires The Homeland Is Sacrificed
Strapped Americans Headed for "Civil Unrest and Riots," With Poor Spending 60% on Bare Essentials

One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes - Part 4

Frankenstein Novel A Prophecy?
Valery Spiridonov set to be first for world's first full HEAD transplant by Dr Sergio Canavero


Insanity Of Urban Warfare
Battle Fields Now Public Places Where Children Live & Play

WASHINGTON: U.S. stepping up weapons shipments to aid Saudi air campaign over Yemen 

Saudi Airstrike Hits Yemeni School, Kills at Least Two Students 

6 children dead in Yemen as Saudi-led coalition airstrike hits school

Demon Of War Requires Fresh Sacrificial Blood Of The Innocent
Red Cross: Catastrophic Situation in Yemen Port of Aden 

Turkey Endorses Iran’s Call to End Saudi War on Yemen 

Top Stories - Obama Approves Weapons for Egyptian Tyrant -

Senate Dems ‘Undecided’ Bill Aimed at Killing Iran Deal --

Hezbollah: Iran deal rules out specter of regional and world wars 

US Wages New Cold War Using Denial and Lies

Why Ukraine Civil War Continues: Kiev Will Only Accept Rebel Surrender

How Many More Innocent People Must Die?
Arizona dinosaur John McCain announces he will drag on for ANOTHER term

 Arabian media refute US Senator McCain’s attempts to deny communications with IS leader

Perpetual War An Enemy Unto Itself
Serpent Eating It's Own Tail
Enemies Manufactured And Paid For By Government Itself
 Syrian president assumes coalition forces may be interested in preserving Islamic State

State Sponsored Murder
No trial, No Evidence, Just Executed

Pakistan orders case against CIA for drone deaths

Russia Is Successfully Breaking up European Unity. Cyprus Is Exhibit A

Tsipras: Greece will seek to mend ties between Russia & EU through European institutions 

Ruble hits new 2015 record, resilient to sinking oil

Scathing Assessment: "The UK Economy Is A Ticking Time Bomb" 

N Korea capable of launching ‘mobile’ nuke missile into US – NORAD 

Revelation 18 Coming To Pass
Intelligence Communities Warning Of Impending U.S. & Global Financial Crash
 CIA Insider Breaks Silence on Global Currency Wars

U.S. Debt Dumped By Nations Of The World
 Biggest Shortage Of U.S. 10-Year Treasury Notes Since June 2014

7 Charts That Point To A Stock Market Crash In 2015

The Multi-Quadrillion Dollar ‘0% Interest’ Scam

The Drought In California Intensifies 


U.S. Sanctioning Itself Into Economic Isolation
Politics, ‘hypocrisy’ cost US global economic leadership: ex-Treasury chief

Global Move Away from Dollar Is Happening Faster Than Most Expected
Time for Russia & Vietnam to think of switching to local currencies – Medvedev 

This Is Why The US Just Lost Its Superpower Status According To Larry Summers 

Economic Sanctions Work In Reverse To Make Russian Economy Stronger
Russian ruble seen as world’s best performing currency, hits 2015 high

​Daimler may start Mercedes-Benz production in Russia 

​Visa may avoid huge Russian fines over data compliance as regulator eases terms 

Legendary Investor Jim Rogers: Buy Russian Stocks Fast

​Greece demands €278bn WWII reparations from Germany - more than its debt to EU 

Greece can never pay its debt; – Jim Rogers 

Open Mouth And Insert Foot
US Ambassador banned from Prague Castle: Time for America to treat Eastern Europe with respect 

‘Rejigging Iran deal would be a tragic mistake’

US, Israel Continue to Talk Up Attacking Iran in Wake of Framework 

WASHINGTON: White House defends Iran deal as Israel, Saudi Arabia soften their positions 

Nuclear Experts Endorse Iran Nuclear Agreement In Open Letter

Monarchy Saving Democracy Is Contradiction In Terms
‘Saudi Arabia saving democracy in Yemen? That’s a cruel joke!’ 

Saudi Arabia welcomes Iran nuclear deal, seeks region free of WMD: statement 

Saudi Dictator, Killing Hundreds of Civilians with Support from Washington, 
moves to Gunning Down Domestic Anti-War Protesters 

Pissing People Off & Cause For Vendetta
Drone Strikes Are Major Cause For Rise In Terrorism

‘Drone strikes remarkably ineffective in countering terrorism’ 

War On Terrorism Destroying America
Failed U.S. Strategic Concepts: War on Terror and State Sponsor of Terrorism

Former Presidents Warn About the “Invisible Government” Running the United States 

Latin America wants to remove US military bases

War With Russia?
Hitler Regretted It. Napoleon Regretted it. U.S. Will Regret It Too

Russia Is Still Ready for War – Even Nuclear

War with Russia Now Much Likelier 

Market Bubbles Set To Pop
Hedge Fund Legend Julian Robertson Warns Of A "Complete Explosion" Unless Fed Contains "Boiling, Bubble"

A disaster waiting to happen in Oklahoma? The link between fracking and earthquakes is causing alarm in an oil-rich town 

Food prices to rise as California water restrictions cause farmer cutbacks 

Fukushima radiation found off Canadian coast 

“The Chief Of The Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Has Admitted 
That The Technology Needed To Decommission Three Melted-Down Reactors Does Not Exist, 
And He Has No Idea How It Will Be Developed”

Mammoth step forward? Scientists splice Woolly DNA into elephant cells 


Those Who Feed Snakes Are Often Themselves Bitten
Yemen War Spilling Over Into Saudi Arabia
Revolution Brewing Within Saudi Realm
‘It’s like a war here’: Saudi police raid defiant eastern province amid wider conflict with Shias 

Saudi Arabia rejects all-inclusive arms embargo on Yemen proposed by Russia 

Retaliation For Russian Peace Proposals
Did Saudis Hit Russian Consulate in Yemen on Purpose?

Did US CENTCOM Feed Saudis Target Info to Bomb Russian Consulate in Yemen?

Yemen: West’s double standards again?

Yemen’s Houthis Urge Ceasefire and Peace Talks 

Civilians Taking the Brunt of Saudi War on Yemen

Saudi Arabia Captures 4 Shia Rebels 1 Saudi Soldier Killed in Al-Qatif (Video)

Evidence Mounting
Towers Brought Down With Stolen Mini Nukes
Israel & Saudi Arabia Involved

Israel nuked America on 9-11-01! – Shout it from the rooftops (Part II) | Veterans Today

Remnants Of Old British Empire Still Causing Problems In World Today
Massive EU Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Contribute to Fuelling 
International Aggression and Terrorism in the Middle East 

A Goal To Destroy All Economic Competition In Middle East
Netanyahu urges US to ‘kill bad deal’ on Iran

White House: There's no convincing Netanyahu on Iran

War Mongers Angry over Prospect of Not Going to War with Iran

Confirmed: The Hawks Were Wrong on Iran

Iran president views nuclear deal as start of new relationship with world

U.S.: Deal with Iran shouldn't include clause about recognition of Israel - Diplomacy and Defense

When Iran "Deal" Falls Apart, The Pentagon Is Ready: America's Most Destructive "Bunker Buster" Gets An Upgrade

Obama's Endless War On Humanity

Moscow calls for additional weapons withdrawal in E. Ukraine 

Russia's Lavrov calls for pull-back of more weapons in Ukraine 

23rd Russian Humanitarian Aid Convoy Sent to Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine’s neo-Nazi leader becomes top military adviser, legalizes fighters 

Russia Threatened By Pre-emptive U.S. Nuclear Strike
Russia boosts air defense in face of US Prompt Global Strike capacity

When Lying At Least Make It Believable
US Wages New Cold War Using Denial and Lies

German rallies protest world militarism & NATO warmongering (VIDEO)

Need Money? Make War
NATO's Self-Serving Russia Alarmism

Czech president says his ‘doors are closed’ to US envoy over Moscow WWII visit comments 

Investigators launch criminal case against US agents over pilot kidnapping, torture 

$10 bln down the drain? US spends billions on ineffective missile defense systems

Death Of Dollar Coming Soon
New Global Currency & Financial System Soon To Arise & Backed By Gold
Recent Dollar Surge Temporary As Central Banks Unload U.S. Debt
A Global Financial Reset Is Coming: A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks

Gold Surges in Sunday Night Trading after Pathetic Jobs Report and US$ Collapse

Russia/China Building New Global Economic System Without U.S.
The United States Will Soon Find Itself Economically Isolated Within It's Own Exceptionalism
Vietnam and Eurasian Economic Union free trade zone deal in ‘home straight’ – Russian PM 

E.U. Going Down Fast
The Grexit Threat Accelerates next Week with Tsipras Meeting Putin in Moscow 


U.S. Missile Shield Makes European Nations Targets Of Russian Retaliatory Nuke Strike
NATO missile shield in Europe stays, despite understanding over ‘nuclear Iran fairytale’ 

Russian Army to Exercise Retaliatory Missile Strikes at Enemy's in East

Russia Builds While The U.S. Makes War
Washington sending new batch of instructors to Ukraine - Kiev 

Russian military begin extensive water pipeline project in Crimea (VIDEO) 

Russia calls UNSC session on Yemen crisis amid Saudi-led airstrikes

5 ways Vladimir Putin is driving America crazy 

Russia Isn't Anything Like the Soviet Union

Failure Of U.S. To Recognize Decentralized Nature Of Global Systems
​US attempts at global domination are futile – Gorbachev 

Russia to give Tajikistan multi-billion military aid to fight ISIS 

US-Israel Wage War on Iran in Syria

Pentagon upgrades biggest ‘bunker buster’ bomb in case Iran talks fail - report 

Iran is stability to counterbalance Israeli ocean of chaos 

Is Iran Deal B.S. In Advance Of War?
US may betray Iran-P5+1 agreements

Bill Kristol pal vows to block Iran deal

Rabbi Warns of Civil War in the United States 

US Militarism Far Bigger Threat to American Liberty Than Russia

Can Evil Be Defeated?

U.S. Growing Financial Isolationism
Building A New World Financial System Without The United States

Russia to be first BRICS country to ratify $100bn currency pool - envoy 

Israel applies to become founding member of China development bank 

E.U: An Exercise In Futility
Greece considering nationalising its banks and issuing new currency, sources claim 

What Do You Expect From A Nation That Requires A Credit Check And Rectal Examination Just To get Job?
Americans Not In The Labor Force Soar To Record 93.2 Million As Participation Rate Drops To February 1978 Levels

Signs In The Heaven
‘Blood Moon’ rises: Total lunar eclipse over the US 


Obama: Historic deal reached on Iran nuclear program

Iranian president: World powers accept Tehran's right to enrich uranium

Iran deal sends ripples through oil market

Despite Deal, US or Israel Might Still Attack Iran at Any Time 

Iran deal threatens ‘survival of Israel’, increases risk of ‘horrific war’ – Netanyahu 

Israeli Officials ‘Furious’ Over Iran Nuclear Deal 

Intelligence minister: All options including military action open on Iran 

Politicians Should Be Put On Front Line Of Wars They Cause
War Is Great So Long As They're Not Living In Israel
McCain Urges Preemptive Israeli Aggression On Iran

Hezbollah Is Aligned With Iran
A War With Iran Guarantees War With Hezbollah
U.S. Senators Calling For War With Iran Don't Care About Israeli Civilian Casualties It Will Surely Cause

Israel to Suffer Serious Civilian Losses in Next War With Hezbollah

US Increases Involvement in Saudi War Against Yemen

Saudi War Faces Setbacks as Houthis Gain, Opposition Grows

Chaos In Yemen: Chinese Troops Arrive As US-Armed Rebels Set Sights On Central Bank

‘Unprecedented & dangerous step’: Russia slams NATO troop build-up 

Is Greece About to Play its Geopolitical Trump Card and Ignite a Chain Reaction Across Europe?

China Targets Dollar, Washington Has Conniptions 

This Is What Happens When A Nation's Budget Is Directed To Perpetual War & Global Empire
America is Literally Falling Apart: 61,000 Bridges in Need of Repair

How Many People Will Have To Migrate Out Of California When All The Water Disappears?


Chinese military disembark in port of Aden, Yemen, to guard evacuation – official 

Saudi Arabia, Yemen won’t hamper Russians' evacuation from Sanaa

​Russian evacuation plane denied landing in Yemen, diverts to Cairo

Saudis don’t care about international law’ 

Civilian Deaths in Saudi Attacks Fuel Growing Backlash in Yemen

Saudi Strike Kills at Least 40 Civilians at Yemen Dairy 

Closing in on Assad: ISIS captures Palestinian refugee camp inside Damascus

IS enters Palestinian camp in Damascus; Jordan closes border 

Israel Risks UN Isolation as US Tensions Worsen 

Netanyahu Apocalyptic Over Treating Iran Fairly

U.S. Congress Working For Foreign Governments
‘US-Israeli bonds are as strong as ever’

‘Congress must impose sanctions on Iran’

Military Speaking As Authority Over So-called Commander-in-Chief/President
U.S. Defense Secretary: We Might Bomb Iran Even If a Peace Agreement Is Signed 

Putin spokesman slams Times demonizing Russia over perceived nuclear threat

Russian Army to Have 350,000 Contract Soldiers by Year End

Blessed Are The Peacemakers For They Shall Inherit The Earth - Matthew 5: 9
Hurricane-hit Vanuatu thanks Russia for relief aid delivery

The Wages Of Peace Are Prosperity
Foreign investors to return to Russia, as economy ‘entering new track’ – Finance Ministry 

​BRICS leadership passes to Russia, $100bn development bank ‘main priority’ 

Russia Takes Over BRICS Chairmanship From Brazil

China proposes economic corridor with Russia and Mongolia

Russia Did Not Threaten West With Nukes to Protect Crimea – Kremlin

‘Army go, home!’: US military convoy confronted by more protests returning to German base 

How Long Would the US Navy Survive in a Shooting War?

Going Down With The Ship
Japan, Sticking With U.S., Says It Won’t Join China-Led Bank 

U.S. Steel laying off 2,000 in Illinois; latest in string of layoffs including 1,800 in Alabama

If Anyone Doubts That We Are In A Stock Market Bubble, Show Them This Article

‘EU has already collapsed’– Beppe Grillo to RT 

Inflation In Cost Of Military Hardware Causing Ever Expanding Pentagon Budget
Pentagon Sends Wish List to Congress, Demands Bigger Budget 

The Wages Of Perpetual War Are Perdition
Bad bridges: Federal data shows US infrastructure crumbling 

‘This historic drought demands unprecedented action’: California issues 1st mandatory water restrictions 

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood
before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes,”
(Joel 2:31)
Blood Moon With Total Lunar Eclipse & Eerie Biblical Message Rising Over U.S. Easter Weekend 


So Much For Economic Sanctions
Worst over for Russian economy, time to talk success - economists 

Russia's Economy Has Stabilised (We Told You It Would)

​Russia to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in two weeks

US Refusal to See Reality Stokes the Flames of Ukraine Civil War

Russia Well Prepared For War
 Over 100 aircraft involved in Russia's Far East military drills

Over 3,500 Soldiers Take Part in Russian Strategic Missile Forces Drills

The United States Not Prepared For Nuclear Attack
US Mainland Vulnerable to Massive ICBM Attack?

US lifts Egypt arms ban, sends $1.3 bn in weapons 

 $20 Oil Looms As Iran-Nuclear Deal Nears Deadline 

Oil drops to $55, as Russian FM says ‘key aspects’ of Iran nuclear deal reached 

‘Iran could constrain reckless impulses of US Mideast allies’ 

Is The President In Charge Or Is It The Military?
Defense Secretary: Nuclear Deal Won’t Preclude US Attack on Iran 

Obama Is Surrounded by a Gallery of Rogues

Perpetual War Machine
Serpent Eating It's Own Tail
An Enemy Unto Itself

US fights ISIS...while aiding ISIS

Will Yemen kick-off the War of the two Blocs?

Yemen’s Houthis Are No Iran Proxy 

Cost no barrier to Saudi Arabia's Yemen intervention

Heavy Clashes Reported on Saudi-Yemen Border

Saudis Block Humanitarian Aid Shipments to Yemen

Aid for Yemen Dwindles as Need Rises Amid Chaos

Illegal Use Of U.S. Military In Undeclared War
US warships join Saudi attack on Yemen

US Navy Joined the Strikes Against Houthi Positions on Monday

Yemen Conflict Must Not Grow Into Arab-Iran Conflict - Lavrov

Shout it from the Rooftops – Israel has Nukes and is a Criminal Terror State! 

​Remove US military bases from Latin America 

Bad Public Image
The Look Of A Nazi Convoy Traveling Through Occupied Territory

US military convoy rolling through Europe ‘aggressive, provocative’ step 

Gold In Fed Vault Drops Under 6,000 Tons For The First Time, After 10th Consecutive Month Of Redemptions

Federal Report: The College Debt Bubble Is Collapsing Now: 33% Of All Student Loans Are Delinquent

Computer Climate Models Out Of Sync With Reality
New Study Is A ‘Death Blow’ To Global Warming Hysteria

The Oceans Are Dying -- Paul Craig Roberts

Life on Earth next US victim?


Borrowing Money For Endless War
​IMF policies in Ukraine irresponsible – Ron Paul 

Kiev's new plan to avoid collapse? Ban Russian cartoons!

More Than Money And High Tech Weapons Does A Good Military Make
Saudi Strikes Fail to Slow Houthis’ Offensive on Aden

Saudi-Led Invasion of Yemen Likely Imminent 

Demon Of War Requires Ever More Blood Sacrifice Of The Innocent
Causing genocide to protect us from terror 

A Middle East Holocaust -- Paul Craig Roberts

Serpent Eating It's Own Tail
Perpetual War Machine Funds And Supports It's Own Self Made Enemy

Accusations Emerge That the U.S. Is Aiding ISIS
The Latest “Conspiracy Theory” Circulating in Iraq

Assad: US Airstrikes a Recruiting Bonanza for ISIS

Photos: Israel treats Syria militants

Assad: Turkey Supports ISIL in Syria 

 US Military Gloats Over ISIS Victories In Iraq, Rushes In To Save It From Iran

Suicidal People With Power To Take Whole World With Them
McCain Suggests Israel "Go Rogue," Blow Up Iran Negotiations By Starting War

After War Then What?
These People Push For War But Have No Plans For Horrific Aftermath
They Leave A Nation In Burned Out Ruins & Chaos While Moving On To Next War
‘GOP says Obama should invade Syria’

US war on Iran will endanger oil supply

Poll: Clear majority supports nuclear deal with Iran 

PressTV-White House: Obama won't bomb Iran

United States Is Not Prepared For Total Nuke War With Russia
The Next-Generation Weapons That Russia Will Use Against The United States In World War III

Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park

Markets Are All Rigged
Swiss Fund Manager Warns Unprecedented Fed Intervention Leaving "Markets More Distorted Than Ever"

Abandoning A Sinking Ship
The Great Flight from the Dollar Continues: Australia and Denmark Join Chinese Created AIIB 

It's Just A Matter of Time Before Whole Outhouse Goes Up In Flames
5 Charts Which Show That The Next Economic Crash Is Dead Ahead

 $20 Oil Looms As Iran-Nuclear Deal Nears Deadline


Gulf coalition launches airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen LIVE UPDATES 

‘There can be only homegrown political solution to Yemen Houthi crisis’ 

Yemen’s Houthis Advance Despite Continued Saudi-Led Strikes 

Proxy War: U.S. on Both Sides of Tensions Between Iran, Saudi Arabia 

Yemen Invasion Could Define Saudi Policy for Years to Come 

Yemen Exploding: Is the Stage Set for the Big War? by Ron Paul 

‘Saudi warships off to Yemen coast’

 Saudi Failure in Yemen Will Result in Direct U.S. Military Intervention

Arab League agrees to create joint Arab military force - Egypt’s president 

Arab States Already Planning to Extend Attack on Yemen 

Yemen crisis: Warships pave the way for a ground invasion

Hezbollah's Nasrallah slams Saudi Arabia for military intervention in Yemen, ignoring Israel 

Saudi campaign in Yemen serves Israel: Iran ambassador to Lebanon 

MEDIA BLACK-OUT: US Proxy War in Yemen Underway, Saudi Stooges Do Initial Dirty Work

Saudi Ambassador: We Won’t Rule Out Making Nukes 

Pentagon Selects 400 Recruits to Become Syrian Rebels 

Syrian army closes in on city near Lebanese border

Body Count Report Reveals At Least 1.3 Million Lives Lost to US-Led War on Terror 

TASS: Russia - Russia to firmly stand for Middle East Christians’ protection 

The Reckless Man's Case for Bombing Iran 

Crimea will place nuclear weapons on its territory on President’s orders - official 

‘Stop US Army’: Czech activists protest military convoy (VIDEO)

Russia to apply for China-led infrastructure bank AIIB – Deputy PM 

Russia to Join Chinese led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 

​Ex-Chancellor Schroeder criticizes Merkel’s Russia policy 

Fitch Continues the Downgrade Parade Reduces Greece to Junk Status Down to CCC

Fitch downgrades Greece’s rating to CCC


US Confirms Involvement in Coordinating Saudi Attack on Yemen

Saudis, Allies Plan Massive Invasion of Yemen

No Proxy War: Saudi Invasion of Yemen Just Flat Out Aggression

Iran warns Saudi over "dangerous step" in Yemen 

Yemen Crisis: Saudi Arabia Masses 150,000 Troops to Support Airstrikes 

Saudi-led coalition declares Yemen airspace restricted

Jordan participates in Saudi-led operation in Yemen: official 

US-Saudi Blitz in Yemen: Naked Aggression, Absolute Desperation

On Match And The Whole Place Goes Up In Flames
Saudi battle for Yemen exposes fragility of global oil supply 

Saudi Arabia to strengthen security at borders, around oil facilities: SPA 

To change the situation for the better we must make Russia stronger – Putin to FSB 

Russian ruble continues 8-day winning streak 

Are Military Drills A Front For Troop Deployments In Advance Of Actual War?
Do Russia/NATO Military Drills Signal Something Ominous?

Assad: Anti-ISIS coalition doesn’t want to get rid of Islamic State completely

U.S. Mooks
Train Them & Let Them Rot
Gen Austin: No Plan to Support Syrian Rebels Once They’re Trained

Shi’ite Militias Quit Tikrit, Citing US Involvement 

Pentagon Touts Involvement in Tikrit as Victory Over Iran 

In Shocking Breach, U.S. Declassifies Document Revealing Some of Israel's Nuclear Capabilities 

Greek bank deposits lowest in 10yrs as savers pull funds 

‘Free journalism doesn’t really exist in the US’

Mainstream U.S. Writers Call for Supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS 

‘US competes with China, Russia to remain the big dog on the block’ 

Proof that Russia and Iran Want War: Look How Close They Put Their Countries To Our Military Bases! 

GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks tumble, oil surges on Yemen air strikes

Jordan, Russia sign $10 billion deal on nuclear power plant


War Between Sunni/Saudi Arabia & Shia/Iran Has Begun In Yemen
Libya, Syria, Yemen: Sectarian conflict threatens entire Middle East 

Riyadh must end Yemen attack: Iran

Gulf coalition launches airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen LIVE UPDATES

Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen, launches coalition op against Houthi rebels

Saudi Arabia, with US Support, Invades Yemen 

‘Yemen crisis: clearly a failure of US foreign policy'

‘No Arab, GCC country has time or capacity to save situation in Yemen’ 

Hadi Flees Yemen as Houthis Take Base Vacated by US

Russia Delivers Food
Russian Emergencies Ministry’s convoys deliver humanitarian aid to Donetsk, Luhansk

U.S. Delivers More War
"First" US Humvees Arrive in Kiev 

Ukraine Is Disposable U.S. Tool To Provoke Russia To War
‘Clearly anti-Russian’ – Moscow blasts latest US national security strategy 

‘Provocation against Russia’ – MPs blast fresh US Congress call to arm Ukraine

Assange: US Trying to Drive Wedge between Russia, Ukraine for Years

When Dialog Ends War Begins
Pentagon ‘Wall of Silence’ Will Not Solve Ukraine Crisis

Ron Paul: "A War Based On Lies Cannot Be Fixed With Another War" 

‘US nuclear arms in Europe violate NPT’

Russia Has Constructed Massive Underground Shelters In Anticipation Of Nuclear War

Putin Security Council Slams Obama Attempts At "New World Order"

No Trial, No Evidence, Just Executed
How The US Government and US military Became Murder, Inc. -- Paul Craig Roberts

From Iraq to Nigeria: How Mercenaries Are Changing Warfare 

Meet the “Surveillance State Repeal Act” – A Bipartisan Bill to Fully Repeal the Patriot Act

George Soros Warns Greece "Is Going Down The Drain"

Spying accusations ‘last thing US-Israel relations need right now’ 

Congress Totally Cool With Israel Spying on U.S. Officials Negotiating With Iran 

Drive Out Natives And Build More Condos
Videos of Israeli Raids on Sleeping Children 

Global Trade Volume Tumbles Most Since 2011; Biggest Value Plunge Since Lehman

Oil surges 6% after Saudi launches military airstrikes in Yemen 

Support of China’s development bank is ‘gigantic concession’ by US 

 The Beginning Of The End Of U.S. Dollar Strength

China-led infrastructure bank - ‘indication of de-dollarization that makes US unhappy’

The Price Of Ground Beef Has DOUBLED Since The Last Financial Crisis

Madness Coming To Gold Market: "There Are 30 to 50 Owners For Each Ounce of Gold That's Out There"

03.26 Gold and Oil Surge on Yemen Conflict 


Good News For Our Side
Bipartisan bill would repeal Patriot Act, cut down American surveillance

House Members Move To Repeal The Patriot Act With Strongest Anti-Surveillance Bill To Date

Legislators move against mass surveillance

Who's Money Is It Anyway?
Government Orders Banks to Call the Cops When Customers Withdraw $5,000 or More 

Total Insanity
Washington Contemplating Nuclear First Strike On Russia
Does Washington Intend War With Russia--PCR Interviewed by The Saker -

U.S. Congress Controlled By Demon Of War
Fascist US House Members Declare War On Russia

US House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine, 
Russia Warns Lethal Aid Will "Explode The Whole Situation"

Revelation 6: 4
And It Was Given To Him To Take Peace From The Earth
Obama puts whole world on fire

Russia Prepared For All Out War
Live Fire Drills With S-300 Missile Systems, Fighters to Start in Siberia 

Those Who Feed Snakes Are Often Themselves Bitten
Years Of Financing Terrorist Mercenary Armies Against Other Nations Now Comes Back To Haunt
Saudi Arabia moves heavy arms to border with chaos-stricken Yemen 

​Western ISIS adventurism, Israel behind Hamas - new Assange revelations 

Obama: Chances of Peace Under Netanyahu ‘Dim’

Israeli Official Accuses White House of Plot to Oust Netanyahu

U.S. Congress Ruled By Outside Foreign Powers
Zionists have chokehold over Congress

Senators Working For Israel
Graham warns Obama of violent backlash

Israel Caught Spying On U.S. Government
Caught ! (Updated) 

Force Out Natives And Build More Condos
Israeli settlers take Palestinian land, pretext of protecting historical sites 

When Negotiating Always Use Show Of Military Force
US Begins "Big Stick" Negotiations With Iran: Sends The "Big Ships" Into The Persian Gulf

Syria's Assad urges united front with Iraq against terrorism: state media

Military Occupation By Any Other Name
Will they ever leave? US to keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan in 2015

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function

Fukushima's Nuclear Reactor Fuel Is "Missing"

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