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Syrian Christians Restore Christmas To Aleppo Cathedral

Tens of Civilians Killed, Wounded in US-Led Coalition Air Raids on Raqqa

US expels 35 Russian diplomats, closes 2 compounds – official 

Russia will not expel anyone in response to U.S. sanctions, Putin says 

Putin: Russia will not expel anyone in response to US sanctions 

96 Russians forced to leave US over diplomat expulsion – FM spokeswoman 

Trump praises very smart Putin on sanctions response

Obama’s sanctions ‘gesture of despair, poisoned gift’ for Trump admin – Russian senator 

Three reasons for Obama’s new Russia sanctions that have nothing to do with ‘hacking’ 

‘US policy of backing terrorist elements in Syria came unstuck’ 

 Man of 2016: Putin's achievements on world scene amid pressure on Russia

Trump White House Chief: “We’re Not Interested In Going To War All Over The World”

‘RIP’: Medvedev says Obama’s policies towards Russia, initially promising, end in agony 

Zakharova: ‘Obama team are foreign policy losers, humiliate Americans with anti-Russia sanctions’

New sanctions ‘underscore vindictiveness & pettiness’ of Obama administration

Did a Radio Electronic Attack down Russia TU-154 December 25, 2016?

Obama, Trump clash over who is calling the shots

Russia: Obama was the most evil President [Video] 

US Denies It Created ISIS, Accuses Turkey Of Spreading "Fake News"

Bombshell: Court Rules Trump Required By Law To Pursue Clinton

What is Henry Kissinger Up To? -- Paul Craig Roberts

Army Major: "I Have Proof That A Missile Hit Pentagon On 9/11"

Plans to Evac Trump out of Manhattan? Clue to Keep Prepping!

Bundy Militants ‘Locked And Loaded’ After Obama Monument Push 

Soaring Dollar Hits US Trade, Sends Goods Trade Deficit To Highest Since March 2015

BIG ONE coming as California hit by EIGHT earthquakes in an hour 


Peace In Syria
A Glorious Way To End 2016
Agreement reached on ceasefire in Syria & readiness to start peace talks - Putin 

Is Syrian War Over? Putin's Ceasefire Includes Plan to "Break Up Syria Into Sub-States"

Putin says ceasefire achieved in Syria

Syria ready for truce, Assad stays, US is left out

Russia to cut military presence in Syria

Daesh Could Have Been Wiped Out in 2 Months If It Wasn't Serving US Interests

‘US intentionally giving weapons to extremists in Syria’

There will be no partition of Syria

Soros: Trump is a “Would Be Dictator” Who Threatens the New World Order

Putin: The New World Order Is Normalizing Pedophilia In The West

‘Support your NATO ally, not terrorists:’ Erdogan slams US amidst row over alleged YPG supplies 

Things That Make You Go Hmm... Like The Death Of The Petrodollar, And What Comes After

U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend 

Strong earthquakes hit Nevada - California border region


Turkey and Russia broker ceasefire deal for all of Syria

Terrorists Acknowledge Defeat in Syria Battle

Mass graves of tortured civilians found in Aleppo – Russian MoD 

Displaced Syrians Eagerly Return to Aleppo, Hopeful Fighting Is Over 

Syria: Popular Uprising in Northern Aleppo Drives Militants out of Key Border Town

If The U.S. Government Supports Terrorism In The Middle East
What About The 9/11 Attack In New York?
Did The U.S. Government Support That As Well?

Turkish-American Split Deepens as Erdogan Now Accuses US of Backing ISIS

Turkey's Erdogan: Confirmed evidence US-led coalition supports ISIS & other terrorists in Syria 

Turkey Doubles Down on Northern Syria Invasion -- To Russia's Advantage

Syria: Russian Air Force, Turkish Army Strat Cooperating in Al-Bab Anti-ISIL Operation

Terrorist Commanders Readying to Leave Syria for Turkey with Hefty Amounts of Stolen Money

‘US not serious about fighting ISIS, it raised terrorists & wants them to stay’ – Iran Def Min to RT

Iraq PM: ISIS Will Be Defeated Within Three Months 

Military Expert: Yemeni Forces Repel Saudi Militias' Heavy Attack on Sana'a

Commander: 106 Saudi Soldiers, Officers Killed by Yemeni Forces in 2 Months

Saudi Regime Halts Paying Mercenaries in Ma'rib, Al-Qaeda Smuggles Weapons to Aden

Analyst: US, S. Arabia Seek to Turn Syria into Second Afghanistan

Tens of Princes, Princesses Fleeing Saudi Arabia in Anticipation of Death

Israel Cuts Civilian Ties With Palestinians Over UN Vote -

Israel Admits MOSSAD Is ISIS.. "MUST WATCH" !! - YouTube

US defense bill directly threatens security of Russian military in Syria – Russian FM spokesperson 

Russia sees US decision to supply MANPADS to militants in Syria as hostile move

US Administration Still Insists on Equipping Terrorists in Syria with Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Plotting a Russian Benghazi: Is Hillary Clinton behind Ambassador Karlov's murder? 

Russian Foreign Ministry: Entire World Disgusted by Obama's Disastrous Foreign Policy

Trump to begin presidency by repealing 70% of Obama’s legacy – Newt Gingrich 

5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Japan - USGS 

Melting Probably Caused By Increasing Volcanic Activity Beneath The Ocean Floor
Not The Result Of Global Warming As This Article Suggests
They Never Seem To Consider This Possibility

World's Largest Ice Sheet Melting Rapidly From Below


Merry Christmas

Snow In New Mexico Christmas Day


End Of A Very Surprising Year
Following the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, and today's announcement of the liberation of Aleppo, Syria, from terrorist barbarians, marking the end of 2016 - articles below, this has indeed been a remarkable year. With these events happening at the close of this year, the next year promises to be a year of greater hope and change. By these events humanity has been spared the horrors of nuclear war, and the people of Syria have been given a new hope for a brighter tomorrow. We praise President Putin of Russia, and the Russian People, for their great work and sacrifice towards the betterment of the humanity. We give thanks to God for his divine intervention in the affairs of state and the victory of Syria over the great evil inflicted upon them. We pray that the new year will bring even more victory of good over evil, and that the arrival of the Kingdom of God will finally release humanity from the ancient curse inflicted upon it so long ago. God bless America, and may all of my readers have a very merry Christmas and a joyous new year...

War-torn Aleppo celebrates Christmas, shares stories of joy & loss with RT (EXCLUSIVE) 

Assad thanks Russia & Putin for helping to liberate Aleppo 

‘With Aleppo retaken, Washington’s plan for regime change in Syria is off the table’ 

Syrian General: Army Ready to Move to Al-Bab

Russian military police in Aleppo to provide aid and protect humanitarian staff (VIDEO) 

Russian Ground Force Participating in War on Terrorism in Syria

Arab Paper Blames US for Stopping Anti-ISIL Operations in Mosul

UN Security Council Passes Resolution Against Israeli Settlements 

Netanyahu: Obama ‘Colluded’ Against Israel With UN

Saudi-led forces used Brazilian-made cluster rockets to hit Yemen schools – HRW 

Yemeni Army, Popular Forces Inflict Losses, Casualties on Saudi Militias in Jizan, Ta'iz

The Greatest Gift For All -

Trump Has Power to Head-off an Obama Attack on Russia. Will He Use It?

Trump praises ‘very nice’ Christmas letter from Putin

His Thoughts Are So Correct: Trump Releases Letter from Putin Urging Friendship


Aleppo liberated, country-wide ceasefire now possible – Russian defense minister

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army, Allies Fully Recapture Aleppo, Purge Entire City of Terrorists

People Pour into Streets Expressing Joy over Full Liberation of Aleppo from Terrorists

Iran: Regional Crises Solely Benefits Israel

ISIS's Unspeakable Barbarism Humiliates Erdogan, Delivers Turkey to Russia and Iran

Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House


Russian Foreign Ministry demands apology from NY Daily News – spokesperson

American journalists who danced on Russian Ambassador’s grave have no shame 

Russian Ambassador Assassinated: Retaliation, But by Whom? 

Trump Will Lift Russia Sanctions in 2017 Say Top Analysts (Bloomberg Poll)

Highly Influential US Alt-Right is Staunchly Pro-Russia, Wants Alliance

Russia Says Nearly All Communication With US Frozen 

As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises -- Paul Craig Roberts 

Are the Neo-Cons Dispatching Assassins?

British Generals in Syria to Recruit Aleppo Terrorists

TREASON: Obama Gives Advanced Arms to Islamic Extremists to Hand Trump a Foreign Policy Headache

Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo Traffic Civilians' Body Organs

Turkey Hops Aboard the Assad Will Stay Train in Moscow as Obama Prepares to Leave

Tell Us Your Story

14 Turkish Soldiers, 138 ISIS Killed in Syria Fighting 

Set to blow? Supervolcano Campi Flegrei reawakening near Naples, could hit 500,000 people


Ankara assassination proves crisis in Middle East is engulfing Turkey 

Jaish al-Fatah claims responsibility for murder of Russian ambassador

Pro-Govt Turkish Media Blames CIA for Russian Ambassador’s Assassination

‘Ludicrous claim’: US denies involvement in assassination of Russian envoy to Turkey 

Was Russian Ambassador Killing the Retaliation Threatened by Obama?

Western Media Is Now the Propaganda Wing of al-Qaeda

NY DAILY NEWS: Murder of Russian Ambassador is Good, Cause Putin is Like Hitler

Syrian Army Urges Aleppo Evacuation Sped Up, Threatens to Enter District 

Syrian Army Continues Anti-Terrorism Operation in South to Seal Border with Jordan

Over 62,000 Terrorist Centers Targeted by Russian Bombers in Syria in 15 Months

BUSTED! The US Sent ISIS $1.5 Billion in Weapons from Europe, Ukraine

Saudi King's Order Exacerbates Dark Ties between Riyadh, Cairo

Yemeni Missiles Destroy Saudi Military Bases in Kingdom's Najran, Assir Provinces

Yemeni Army Wards Off Pro-Saudi Mercenaries' Attack on Ta'iz Airbase, Kill 30 Militias

Neocon Civil Servants Quitting En Masse Ahead of The Trumpening

IT BEGINS: Buchanan Calls for Heads to Roll at CIA and NED, Investigations of Saboteurs

Obama's Russia Remarks at Final Presser Cement Legacy of Stupidity in Foreign Policy

Brandon Smith Warns the System Is Crashing: "Prepare for Bank Confiscations, Shortages, Insurgency"


Guess Who's Behind Facebook's New Fake News Detector?

  The "Elite" Coup Of 2016   : Information Clearing House 

Congressional Cybersecurity Leader Demolishes Obama's Hacking Case Against Russia

Obama Wanted to Wait for Clinton Win to ‘Retaliate’ Against Russia 

Only a Counter-Coup Can Save American Democracy -- Paul Craig Roberts 

Is the United States facing a coup d’etat? 

As Trump-CIA Showdown Escalates, Expect Heads to Roll

Civilians return to ‘normal’ life in liberated, ruined E. Aleppo (VIDEO) 

After Aleppo: We Need a New Syria Policy

Syrian Offensive Underway to Liberate Palmyra

Iran Advises S. Arabia to Stop Supporting Terrorist Groups

Arab Paper: Tensions Increasing in Riyadh-Cairo Ties

Israel Can Not Decide If Russian Presence in Syria Is a Mildly Good Thing or a VERY Bad Thing

Russian Hypersonic Aircraft to Break Through Missile Defense Systems

.Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hits Solomon Islands


What Are They Trying To Hide?
May I suggest that the current media outrage concerning 'fake news' and the suppression thereof, is in itself a crime with intent to conceal evidence of criminal activity. The motive? To hide and suppress some very damaging news related to the outgoing administration, and the previous Democratic Presidential candidate, and certain very influential financial backers who have astonishing control over corporate owned news sources. The outgoing administration and the afore mentioned entourage have something very serious to hide from public view. News is being intentionally suppressed by those still in power via corporate media control, and downward pressure exerted on the law enforcement and intelligence communities within the government itself. This of course is ultimately a losing proposition, and as soon as the new President is sworn into office, the lid is going to come off, and all of this stuff is going to surface anyway. Hence the massive effort to stop the new President's inauguration, and the seemingly insane Russia-phobic rhetoric emanating from the Commander-in-chief, and the continued financing of anti-election demonstrations, and corporate media's anti-election rhetoric. These people thought they could continue in power and eventually bury the evidence and avoid prosecution. The American people destroyed this plot by electing a President outside their control, and they are now facing prosecution by the release of this evidence when the new President takes office. If this is true, then buckle your seatbelts, because the undercurrent indications are that this is indeed true, and a silent coup is now taking place within the U.S. Government itself. I predict that very soon after President Obama leaves office, and they no longer have the power to exert the downward pressure required to suppress this information, there will follow a pubic release of this information by the U.S. Government itself, and thus circumventing privately controlled media sources, to be followed by criminal indictments of those involved, including those people and groups very high up in the political and financial arena. These will be of such degusting proportions as to permanently alter U.S. perception for years to come.
The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States - YouTube

Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway Child Porn And Macedonia FakeNews - Part 4

Facebook’s anti-fake news plan looks like effort to curb alternative media 

 Insane: Obama Threatens Russia Over Election ‘Hacking’ Conspiracy

Republican Elector Slams “Coup D’etat” Attempt to “Overturn a Fair and Legal Election”

Clinton Investigation Back On: 
FBI Agents In NY Ordered To Continue Foundation Probe 

CIA meddled in ‘hundreds’ of elections: Ron Paul talks Russia-blaming, fake news and more on RT 

Iran Just Issued A Chilling Challenge To The US After Aleppo Victory

Trump Middle East advisors dream of war with Iran just inched closer to reality 

Iran says US sanctions violate nuclear deal, demands meeting of world powers 

Syrian Special Forces Deploy in Homs Province to Join Battle for Palmyra

Syria hands over evidence of mustard gas attack by rebels on civilians to OPCW (VIDEO)

Yemeni Army, Allies Target Saudi Army Bases, Gatherings in Najran, Jizan

How Rex Tillerson Corrupted The Boy Scouts

Fukushima news ; California dead tide pools, lovers point doc Ricketts - YouTube

Fukushima News; SAN DIEGO COUNTY Point Loma Dead and dying Tidepools - YouTube

Tsunami ‘threat’ after 7.9 magnitude quake hits off Papua New Guinea 


We Applaud The Gallant Victors Of Aleppo
Liberation of E. Aleppo from militants complete - Russian military 

Syria and Russia Have Scored a Huge Moral Victory in Aleppo

 Opposition leader says liberation of Aleppo puts off Syria’s collapse

 Syrian troops fight off Islamic State militants west, southwest of Palmyra

Informed Source: Large Number of Turkish, Saudi Officers Deployed in Syria's Aleppo City

Russia Concerned US Extension of Iran Sanctions Act Threatens Deal 

Russian top diplomat says West resorts to outright lies trying to demonize its opponents

Russian Narrative Falls Apart
 - Wikileaks Operative Claims Clinton Emails Handed Over By "Disgusted" Democrat Whistleblowers

The US Government Is Secretly Allied with America's Enemies

This Is Just Plain Crazy
Very Unbecoming Of A U.S. President Leaving Office

Obama Vows Revenge Against Russia for ‘Election Hacks’ 

This Is Even Crazier
Acts Of War Before Leaving Office
Obama says US needs to respond to Russian cyberattacks and we will

This Explains It All
Sheriff’s probe finds Obama birth certificate ‘fake’

 Kremlin: US must either stop accusing Russia of elections meddling or prove it

The Associated Press Found Just ONE Republican Elector Who Won’t Vote For Trump on Monday

Trump tells CIA it’s not indispensible 

The Conspiracy To Shut Down Truth, Donald Trump, & The American People

The House Passes A Microchipping Law That Is Intended To Help Local Authorities Microchip Disabled People

Major Economic Warning Sign: The Euro Is Heading For Parity With The U.S. Dollar

Are You "Living In A Death Spiral"? These 6 States Will Collapse During The Next Recession

BIG ONE FEARS: Huge tear on Ring of Fire could lead to CATASTROPHIC earthquakes & tsunamis 

120 small quakes swarm Mount St. Helens: Eruption is inevitable but when? - Strange Sounds


Aleppo Battle Is Over
Rebels and Family Members Are Being Bused Out. Infirm Shia Villagers Under Rebel Siege Allowed to Evacuate in Return

 Lavrov says call for ceasefire in Syria only aimed at allowing militants to take breath

Minister Reports Massacre of 30,000 Civilians West of Aleppo

Security Sources: US Supporting Ahmad Al-Jarba's Militants to Attack Deir Ezzur

 Assad says recent attack on Palmyra proves militants have some countries’ support

ISIS attack on Palmyra directly linked to US waiver on rebel arms supplies – Assad to RT

US General Says Daesh May Have Seized Anti-Aircraft Weapons in Palmyra

- Syrian troops beat back IS assault on military airfield near Palmyra — media

Useful Syria First: How Syria, Russia and Iran Came to Agree They Won't Block Turkish Expansion in Northern Syria (For Now)

Hadi Al-Ameri: Iraqi Forces Cut off ISIL's Mosul Supply Routes to Syria

‘As if she was Mother Teresa herself’: Russia’s Churkin snubs US Power’s speech at UNSC 

‘You haven’t succeeded once’: AP reporter grills State Dept on lack of progress in Syria (VIDEO)

It’s now beyond question that prolonged violence in Syria is in Washington’s interest 

Child malnutrition at ‘all-time high’ in Yemen, UNICEF claims in alarming report 

Saudi king warns against ‘foreign interference’ in Yemen as his troops continue attacks on Houthis 

16 Intelligence Agencies Refuse to Endorse CIA's Russia Hacking Claim

40 Electors Demand Russian Interference Briefing Before They Vote 

Rogue Elements of the CIA Are Operating Against President-elect Trump -- Paul Craig Roberts 

Donald Trump Will Ruthlessly Decimate the CIA for Turning on Him

‘Unprecedented White House attempt to smear incoming president’ 

Is Obama Setting-Up War With Russia By Unraveling The Situation In Syria?

Web Bots Predict Massive Financial Shock In Early 2017: 
Confusion, Bond Market Degradation, Crumbling Of Everything


Full Liberation of Aleppo Imminent, Syrians Pour into Streets in Joy

Street celebrations in Aleppo on news of Syrian Army retaking east of city – RT reporter (VIDEO) 

‘They slaughtered my family & told me to go’: Heart-wrenching stories of Aleppo orphans (EXCLUSIVE) 

The Real Reason Why Assad Is Now Poised to Win Has Nothing to Do With Aleppo

Analysts: ISIL Sent to Palmyra by Riyadh, Ankara to Compensate for Defeats in Aleppo

ISIS offensive on Palmyra could be orchestrated to give respite to militants in Aleppo – Lavrov 

Turkish Source: Unknown Warplanes Attack Syrian Army Positions in Lattakia

Moscow Doesn't Mince Words: 
Lavrov Suggests US Orchestrated ISIS Seizure of Palmyra

UPDATE 1-Russia's Lavrov says Syria talks with U.S. at dead end

 Russian top diplomat says Moscow tired of Washington’s wailing over fighting in Aleppo

Kremlin: Russia is prepared for getting out of absurd condition in relations with US

ISIS used as tool by Saudis, US & Turkey when it suits their interests – US senator 

Peace in Syria - it's the last thing the US wants 

Iran to develop nuclear propulsion for maritime use, cites US violation of deal

Rouhani Orders Production of Highly Enriched Nuclear Fuel in Response to US Violation of Vienna Deal

Yemeni Army's Artillery Hits Hard Saudi Arabia's Key Military Base in Najran Province

Iranian Commander Mocks at Britain's Return to Region as "Joke of The Year"

Iranian Official: Turkish, Saudi, US Generals Helping Terrorists in Syria

‘Decamped from Mosul ISIS fighters in Syria perfect for US narrative’ 

Scorched Earth: 
In His Last Days in Office Obama Is Doing All He Can to Make Trump's Russia Reset Harder

The sequence by which major media went stark raving mad 

The CIA Says They Did NOT TELL The WASHINGTON POST That “Russia Hacked Election In Favor Of Trump”!

By Pushing Russia Hacking Nonsense Democrats Are Committing Political Suicide

 Washington Post is in violation of the Hatch Act, the CIA never told them Russia hacked the election"

Trump victories certified in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania

25 Cities On the Brink of Disaster: "Don't Be Here When Things Get Violent, Unsafe and Fragile"

A Prophecy Come To Pass
And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed - Rev. 8: 9

Officials: Fukushima Has Now Contaminated 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans

Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean - And It's Going to Get Worse

And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which stands for the children of your people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. But you, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased Daniel 12: 1-4

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